Ring of Honor announcer Bobby Cruise used to be just lately interviewed through Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights under, and the overall interview above.

If ROH has adopted UFC's style of constructing their display extra mainstream to develop the target market:
"I think so. I think that's accurate. I think that's fair. And, that is a good thing. The "mainstream" fans are WWE fans. You have other fans but you have mainstream fans that just watch strictly WWE. Bringing in Cody (Rhodes), Bully Ray, and bringing in the Hardy's last year… The more eyes that are on the product, the better. I think once people watch it, if they're into wrestling, they're going to be hooked, they're going to like it, and they're going to watch more!"

Women of Honor in the end getting used on ROH TV:
"Absolutely! Last year and the start of this year, with what WWE is doing and what we're doing with the Women of Honor and our work with STARDOM… It is a great time to be a women's wrestler right now. They're viewed like they should be. They're viewed as athletes. Not like they were in the late 90's wearing string bikinis and stuff. I'm very happy with the progression of the Women of Honor. I agree with you. I think they should be on TV. I think they should be on pay per view! I just think the Women of Honor will continue to grow even more."

One of his funniest recollections in ROH:
"Ooh, that's tough! I laughed a couple of weeks ago when we had our 16th Anniversary pay per view and I happened to be standing in the wrong place and Jay Lethal happened to tackle me. I happened to be laying on the ground and I heard the crowd start chanting, "You Killed Bobby! You Killed Bobby!" I thought that was pretty funny!"

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