Ring of Honor announcer Bobby Cruise used to be lately interviewed by means of Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights beneath, and the entire interview above.

Daniel Bryan coaxing him to mention wacky issues in ROH:
"Yeah, Bryan Danielson used to get in my ear. (laughs) The thing with Danielson was I really never knew what was coming. If he hit me with three lines of things I had to say, it was on the spot. There was no preparation. That was a little scary! But, he was funny. It went from something like, "You inform them that I'm the most productive wrestler on this planet" to something wacky or funny."

If Daniel Bryan must go back to the hoop or no longer:
"Absolutely, if he's cleared. I was thinking about this earlier today, actually. When I first read it online, a pal of mine, Adam Pearce who I love to death, he basically congratulated Bryan. He said, "You can train wrist locks and head locks however you’ll't train hobby." He (Daniel Bryan) has it. Pro wrestling and wrestling in the ring is his passion."

Rumors he attempted to leap to Impact Wrestling a couple of years in the past:
"Some website posted that I was spotted in New York City and that I was unhappy with Ring of Honor because I was not being used on all the events and blah, blah, blah and that I had met with Dixie Carter and John Gaburick. The point of that story was way off. I was in New York City on the same day they happened to be taping TV in the Manhattan Center. I was with my older daughter Sarah because we were going to Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden that night. So, when I saw TNA was in town, I reached out to Dave Lagana and asked if I could come by to see not only him but guys I know like Kenny King, Samoa Joe, Velvet Sky… Just to say hi! I never met with anyone about a job. A week or two later is when I saw it (reported). Of course, Ring of Honor is going to see it. It must have been a really, really, really slow news day in wrestling if you're reporting rumors about a ring announcer changing companies!"

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