Ring of Honor
Date: May 16, 2018
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, BJ Whitmer

This week should be a big take care of the Young Bucks getting a Tag Team Title shot towards the Briscoes, which is in a position as most sensible profile of a tag have compatibility as you’re going to seem spherical proper right here. It might be an important tag workforce have compatibility you’ll be able to have and with a bigger stage, may also be some of the a very powerful featured suits on any number one pay in keeping with view. Let’s get to it.

Here are final week’s results if you wish to have a recap.

Opening collection.

Kelly Klein vs. Madison Rayne

Madison tries to speed problems up to get began alternatively can’t get a sunset flip. Instead it’s some clotheslines to place Madison in trouble and we take an early destroy. Back with Klein choking inside the corner and yelling at the crowd such a lot. Madison comes once more with some forearms and a cutter for two alternatively the Rayne Drop is broken up. A 2d take a look at works merely excellent for two alternatively Klein is right once more with a Samoan drop. With that now not working, it’s a knee to Madison’s face for the pin at 8:12.

Result: Kelly Klein b. Madison Rayne – Running knee to the face (8:12)

So Cal Uncensored is in a position to face the divided Bullet Club.

Jay Lethal is a better wrestler than Punishment Martinez so he’s now not frightened.

Here are the Motor City Machine Guns for a chat. They’ve completed their goal of a hit the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles alternatively what do they do now that they’ve out of place the belts? Split up? Or win the titles another time? The truth is they’re now not positive alternatively they know they’re brothers for existence. Cue the Dawgs and the have compatibility is on.

The Dawgs vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns clean area to start and an enziguri proper right into a Downward Spiral sends Ferrara to the bottom. The Dream Sequence is broken up even supposing and we take a destroy. Back with Ferrara being thrown into Shelley’s ribs inside the corner alternatively Ferrara dives onto Titus by way of mistake. Sabin is to be had in for a dive onto both of them alternatively Titus hits both of them inside the face. Now the Dream Sequence connects on Titus, who pops up with a running massive boot to Sabin. The Doggy Splash gets two as the whole thing stays broken down. Titus gets tied inside the Tree of Woe even supposing and Ferrara gets suplexed into him. Skull and Bones puts Titus away at 7:35.

Result: Motor City Machine Guns b. The Dawgs – Skull and Bones to Titus (7:35)

The Young Bucks are in a position to conquer the Briscoes another time.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round: Facade vs. Eli Isom

Facade describes himself as a ninja and has a lady named Danni with him. They grade as regards to falls to start and that means an early standoff. Isom gets in a jumping knee to the face to take over for the reason that face pace continues. A springboard spinning kick to the face of a seated Isom puts Facade down alternatively Isom is right once more up with a t-bone suplex. That doesn’t get him very some distance even supposing as Facade sends him outside for a springboard flip dive, followed by way of a springboard clothesline once more inside of. And under no circumstances ideas as proper right here’s Bully Ray to clothesline Facade for the DQ at 4:40.

Result: Facade b. Eli Isom by means of DQ when Bully Ray interfered (4:40)

Ray says that for the reason that enforcer, he’s firing both of them for being bottom feeders inside the wrestling industry. Cue Cheeseburger (Ian: “We needed somebody to stand up to Bully Ray!” Whitmer: “AND IT’S THIS PIPSQUEAK???”) to call Ray a piece of ****.

A one armed chokeslam drops Cheeseburger so proper right here’s COO Joe Koff to fireside Ray. Well no less than it was once only a transient time frame foolish switch. Ray unretires, which means that he’s once more as a wrestler. He puts on the Hall of Fame ring, which is censored ala the REAL World Title once more in 1991.

The Bullet Club is in a position to win the Six Man Tag Team Titles alternatively Cody and Marty Scurll disagree about who is going to win the World Title at Best inside the World.

Tag Team Titles: Young Bucks vs. Briscoes

The Briscoes are protective. Mark throws in a chair previous to the bell alternatively Jay and Nick are fighting, allowing Matt to pelt it at his head as an alternative. The brawl and have compatibility get began on the floor with Nick being suplexed onto the apron and Matt getting double teamed on the other facet of the ring. Nick is right once more up even supposing and the Briscos are powerbombed onto the apron to send us to a destroy. Back with Mark cutting off Matt’s attempt to run around the floor and get to the hot tag.

A spear cuts Mark down as an alternative and now the hot tag connects so Nick can get began in with the kicks. The Superkick Party is on and a taking pictures famous person press/standing moonsault mixture gets two on Mark. Cease and Desist can’t transfer on so the Briscoes seize a rear naked choke and Sharpshooter of their own. Like most submissions on faces, the holds are broken up in short order. Instead it’s a Razor’s Edge proper right into a neckbreaker for two on Matt alternatively the Doomsday Device is broken up. The Jay Driller gets two on Matt alternatively Mark uses a chair to break up the Meltzer Driver for the DQ at 8:15.

Result: Young Bucks b. Briscoes by means of DQ when Mark Briscoe used a chair (8:15)

Post have compatibility the Briscoes harm the Bucks with chairs alternatively Mark is sensible enough to hide in the back of the entrance and take out Adam Page and Flip Gordon as they’re attempting for a save. Cody comes out a few seconds later alternatively gets overwhelmed down as well.

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