Ring of Honor
Date: December 19, 2018
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, Caprice Coleman

So Final Battle has come and lengthy long gone on the other hand spherical proper right here….actually you already know what I’m going to say proper right here so I’m now not even going to hassle. It’s going to be a stand on my own are compatible this night time, on the other hand there’s a chance that we’re going to be seeing something Christmas an identical. That more or less show has been hit or miss in wrestling history on the other hand confidently it in reality works smartly proper right here. Let’s get to it.

Tonight, Jay Lethal and Matt Taven will be captains throughout the Christmas Surprise ten man tag. They’ll every be opening items to decide who their partners will be. Lethal is excited on the other hand Taven most effective wishes the rest of the Kingdom on his body of workers because of he hates surprises.

Opening assortment.

Twisted Sisterz vs. Britt Baker/Madison Rayne

That will also be Thunder Rosa and Holidead, who jumped Baker and Rayne at Survival of the Fittest to set this up. Baker is a homeland girl and moderately over as you’ll have guessed. Some early forearms send Rosa outdoor and Madison hits a dive off the apron to take them every down. Back in and Madison gets a few rollups on Holidead, who them catches her in a abdomen to once more faceplant to take over.

It’s off to a reverse chinlock to sluggish Rayne down forward of Rosa is to be had in to tie her throughout the Tree of Woe. That way a operating dropkick to send us to a wreck. Back with Rayne however in trouble as Holidead gets two off a neckbreaker. The chinlock doesn’t final long as Rayne jawbreaks her technique to freedom. It’s off to Baker for a operating knee throughout the corner, followed during the Sling Blade.

Back to once more basement lariats keep Rosa in trouble on the other hand Holidead breaks up what appeared to be a double neckbreaker. An Irish Curse proper right into a Backstabber proper right into a Downward Spiral into Rosa slamming Holidead (maximum repeatedly) onto Baker gets two with Rayne making the save. Holidead hits a sweet spinebuster on Baker, who comes once more with a ripcord forearm proper right into a cutter from Rayne. That earns Rayne a shot to the face and White Noise proper right into a best possible rope double stomp to the once more finishes Baker at 9:57.

Result: Twisted Sisterz b. Britt Baker/Madison Rayne – Top rope double stomp to the once more (9:57)

Lethal and Taven open a couple of in their names. Jay is moderately satisfied on the other hand Matt complains a few selection of Melvins. No names are given.

We look once more at Jeff Cobb a success the TV Title.

Lethal is pissed off that he didn’t get Cheeseburger throughout the drawing on the other hand Caprice Coleman gives him one final supply….which is actually Cheeseburger.

Taven gets one additional establish inside of the kind of a stocking and seems glad for once.

Ian and Colt ask Caprice how he knew what was throughout the box. Coleman says it was merely the Christmas spirit.

Team Lethal vs. Team Taven

Jay Lethal, Cheeseburger, Rhett Titus, Vinny Marseglia, Jeff Cobb
Matt Taven, Brian Milonas, Jonathan Gresham, Beer City Bruiser, Marty Scurll

Milonas and Bruiser are to be had from the bar, as they are going to must. As chances are high that you can guess, there’s moderately an argument over who is starting proper right here. There’s moreover an argument over the Christmas attire the wrestlers are wearing, because of this isn’t moderately as critical as some suits. Lethal even tries to engineer a industry with Gresham for Marseglia on the other hand that’s against the rules, which are strictly followed spherical proper right here. The enthusiasts give us a MERRY CHRISTMAS chant as Lethal and Gresham get began problems off.

The technical assortment goes to Gresham but it surely’s Bruiser tagging himself in because of Gresham isn’t ready to cheat. It’s off to Bruiser for a headlock on the other hand Lethal speeds problems up and takes the out of doors off his chest with some chops. The hiptoss into the basement dropkick keeps Bruiser in trouble and we take a wreck.

Back with Taven wanting and receiving Cheeseburger, who’s to be had in with some pushups. Taven right away tags out to usher in Milonas, on the other hand Cheeseburgers is ready to combat for himself. A headlock doesn’t get Cheeseburger very far so he tries speeding problems up and jumping over Milonas throughout the corner until Milonas needs oxygen. Titus is to be had in without a tag and tries a suplex until Cheeseburger, Milonas and Bruiser suplex Cheeseburger and Titus at the an identical time. Marseglia isn’t going to be outdone because of he brings in an ax to scare Marty.

Someone throws Marty the umbrella, on the other hand he opts to tag out to Taven as an alternative. No one will tag either one of them even if and it’s time for the combat that everyone else throughout the are compatible wishes to seem. They hit the ropes a few events forward of heading outdoor for the massive brawl. Bruiser goes up best possible for the massive dive to take everyone out and it’s off to a wreck.

Back with Lethal superkicking Marseglia out of instinct, bringing Taven in to deck Lethal. A bunch of splashes throughout the corner have Lethal in trouble, with Taven having to kick Gresham and whip him in. That goes badly for Taven as Lethal starts whipping people into Taven throughout the corner. Stereo basement dropkicks to Taven prepare a German suplex from Cobb. The dog pile cover gets two with Gresham diving over for the save.

Bruiser is to be had in and turns Lethal within out with a clothesline. Milonas starts cleaning house on the other hand Cobb picks him up, most effective to have Scull shove him over forward of the Tour of the Islands can hit. Taven beats up Cheeseburger on the other hand gets caught throughout the Lethal Injection. Cobb suplexes Milonas to a big pop and hits a good Tour of the Islands on Bruiser for the pin at 15:34.

Result: Team Lethal b. Team Taven – Tour of the Islands to Bruiser (15:34)

Twisted Sisterz b. Britt Baker/Madison Rayne – Top rope double stomp to Baker
Team Lethal b. Team Taven – Tour of the Islands to Bruiser

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