Ric Flair Health Update

Photo: WWE

As we have been reporting over the past month, Ric Flair has been hospitalized after some serious health issues. Flair was put into an induced coma, underwent surgery, had part of his bowel removed, and had a pacemaker implanted to keep his heart rate steady after suffering from congestive heart failure due to alcoholism for years.

In a recent interview, Flair talked about everything that had happened and how he came to the realization that he was an alcoholic.

“I didn’t think I was an alcoholic, but obviously I was. I never drank when I was working. But as soon as work was over, I went right to the mill. I’ve never taken a pain pill in my life. I’d just take a shower, flip my hair back and go to the best bar in town.”

Flair is currently convalescing and rehabbing in a recovery center in Atlanta. Of the whole ordeal, he hays it “scared the shit” out of him and stated that he’s “not out of the woods yet.”

As for the drinking, well Flair is vowing to stay away from the liquor from now on.

“I’ll never drink again. I never want to go through this again.”

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