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Scott “Raven” Levy and Marcus “Buff” Bagwell have filed a second amended lawsuit against WWE in the United States District Court of Connecticut according to a new report. The amendment has come in continuation of the earlier accusations indicating the former WWE Superstars are owed substantial royalties from the company concerning their work from a host of promotions being featured on the WWE Network.

While the lawsuit maintains that WWE had essentially breached their contracts with both Levy and Bagwell in regard to direct sales royalties, the amendment has added further key allegations to the case. According to Levy, the language of his June 2000 contract with the company specifically highlights its wrongdoing in refusing to pay royalties with regards to WWE Network content. He asserts that the wording suggests he should receive royalty payments when featured in “technology not yet created” and considers the WWE Network to fit this criteria.

In defence during previous filings of the case, the company has made the counter-argument that because there is no physical sale being made with content featured on the WWE Network, there is a material difference. Levy nevertheless claims that this is contractually the same as the video and indeed PPV sales that he had received royalties for before the introduction of WWE Network.

Furthermore, Bagwell alleges that the company has failed to pay him royalties within the agreed upon 90 day window. An additional key claim put forward by the amendment centres around the fact that WWE Network, Inc. (a subsidiary of WWE) has licensed the content in question to a host of other parties without Levy or Bagwell’s knowledge or approval.

The lawsuit concludes that the WWE was “immoral, oppressive, unscrupulous, and caused substantial injury” to not only Levy and Bagwell, but a number of other performers who signed similar contracts. A jury trial has been formally requested.

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