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It is once again time for a new PROGRESS Wrestling chapter to be consumed. PROGRESS Chapter 48 Bang The Drum was taped last weekend in Manchester, and the promotion has it available on their streaming service now for everyone’s viewing pleasure. My love fro PROGRESS is real and true, so I was more than happy to settle in for several hours of great UK indie wrestling on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. And, of course, the titles of the chapters never cease to tickle me.

In the main event of Chapter 48, PROGRESS Champion Pete Dunne would defend his title against Mark Haskins and Mark Andrews. Elsewhere on the show, Trent Seven and Travis Banks would face off, and Jinny and Martina would fight it out. We also saw CCK arrive on the scene in PROGRESS, and I have a feeling things are gonna get even better now that they are in the mix.

PROGRESS Chapter 48 Results

Flash Morgan Webster defeated James Drake.

I’m still not sure how I feel about James Drake; something with him just doesn’t click with me. Webster, on the other hand, is one of my PROGRESS favorites. Since returning after getting injured during the qualifiers for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic last year, he’s been amazing. The winner of this match would qualify for the upcoming Super Strong Style 16 Tournament, and Webster wasn’t going to be denied. He fought through everything Drake threw at him and came out the winner in this bout. Really good, hard hitting match from both men.

Jinny defeated Martina.

If you have not seen Martina wrestle in OTT or elsewhere, you are missing out. She’s tons of fun and endlessly entertaining. And, since she and Jinny can both kick some serious ass, this was bound to be good. Jinny wasn’t too happy having beer spit in her face to start this one off, but it’s Martina. It’s gonna happen, so deal with it. Despite all of Martina’s antics, she’s damn good in the ring, but Jinny is just a badass. She won in decisive fashion with the X Factor.

Pastor William Eaver & Chuck Mambo defeated The London Riots.

I adore the Pastor; Mambo, not so much. He’s just a damn goof; he’s funny at times, but he’s just not my cup of tea. This match did absolutely nothing for me. I didn’t really see the point of it, and I honestly zoned out for most of it, despite my love of Eaver. The Riots are a good team, but this match made me hit the fast forward button, and I never do that with PROGRESS.

Trent Seven defeated Travis Banks.

Whenever the perfection that is Trent Seven is on my television screen, all is right in the world. Plus, Travis Banks is freaking amazing. This was just great. Travis struck before the bell even rang, and the first part of this match was fought on the outside. Travis was not in a playful mood, and he just wailed on Trent with fist, feet, and chairs. After about 10 minutes, the two finally got in the ring…and the bell rung. Kicks and chops and forearms and slaps and back hands, and these two just beat the hell out of each other. It was so beautiful. And, Trent being the sneaky heel that he is had to grab a handful of tights to win this one, but damn, what a match.

Nathan Cruz defeated Rockstar Spud.

Yet another SSS16 qualifying bout. Cruz is hated, and Spud is loved. Damn, the Spud in PROGRESS is a million times better than the Spud in Impact Wrestling. Good bout with Cruz working on Spud’s midsection throughout, and underdog Spud coming back from everything Cruz threw at him. Spud couldn’t overcome the rib work in the end though, and Cruz won to earn a spot in the upcoming SSS16 tournament.

Matt Riddle defeated Tyler Bate.

Interesting matchup. Non-title on all fronts. Riddle’s Atlas Title wasn’t on the line, nor was Tyler’s WWE UK Championship. Needless to say that the crowd was firmly behind everyone’s favorite Bro, and Baby Moustache didn’t get a lot of love. This was….something else. Riddle has a certain style, as does Bate, and I am not sure they meshed well. But, I absolutely loved it. Some probably won’t like it, but I thought it was great. A lot of submission mat work from both men, strikes from Riddle, and sly escapes from Tyler. Bate is just so damn good, and he and Riddle played beautifully off of each other. Riddle would lock in a submission, and Tyler would just power out of it. Riddle continued his complete immunity to German suplexes, Bop & Bang made an appearance, and these two damn near just exhausted each other to the point of barely being able to get off the mat. Riddle got him in the Bromission, but big brother Trent came out to interfere, costing Tyler the match. Even with the ending, this was freaking amazing and a must-see match.

PROGRESS Championship Triple Threat
Pete Dunne defeated Mark Haskins and Mark Andrews.

At this point, I don’t know who is going to take the PROGRESS Championship off of Peter. It seems like he’s run through everyone available, and unless something very interesting happens during SSS16, which I am sure it will, Peter could be walking around with the title clenched in his teeth for a long while to come.

Really good, fast-paced, chaotic Triple Threat match. All three of these men are amazing, and they told a great story in this bout. Andrews was the underdog, Haskins took a beating and gave it back twice as hard, and cocky Peter thought he was invincible. Crazy good match, but once again, the other members of British Strong Style had to come out and try to interfere. Haskins broke that up, hit Andrews with a Pedigree, and retained.

After the match, Riddle hit the ring and got beat down. Peter got a mic and said that PROGESS was his, sports entertainment was his, and the universe was his. Then, BSS said that they had run through all their competition and there was no one left to beat. Not so fast, Peter….

CCK has arrived in PROGRESS. Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos may just take down Trent and Tyler and take their PROGRESS Tag Team Titles in the process. This is gonna be fun…..

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