In recent years the WWE has shown us that they love nothing more than a good old dose of nostalgia. Vince McMahon loves feeding the WWE universe some member berries and with Wrestlemania season, and the Raw 25th Anniversary show right around the corner, you can expect to see plenty of familiar faces back in the WWE in the coming weeks. While many of these faces will be just be showing up for one-offs and cheap pops, there will be a few who will be returning to the WWE for one last run. 2017 saw the returns of The Hardy Boyz, Shelton Benjamin and most notably, Kurt Angle. So just who will the WWE drag back for one last run in 2018? Hell, some of these faces might even be competing in this year’s Royal Rumble as surprise entrants. Let’s take a look at which superstars will be making a return to the company in 2018.


Batista recently mentioned on a podcast with JR that he has been talking to Vince McMahon and that he has expressed his desire to make a full time return to the company in the very near future. Batista’s last run in the company, back in 2014, is better off forgotten but this time, there is no Daniel Bryan standing in his way and you’d imagine that the company will have learned their mistakes from his last outing.

Batista has also publically expressed that if he were to return to the company, he would want to feud with his former tag-team partner Triple H, and while the fans may not be lining up to see these stars of yesteryear squaring up once again, it is a small price to pay for all the potential dream bouts Batista’s return could give us.

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