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Impact Wrestling Ratings And Viewership – June 7, 2018


So they’re higher than WWE at the present time. The numbers for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live were horrible nowadays and there’s truly now not a lot of in a different way to explain them. People simply aren’t observing the displays, however what about Impact Wrestling? The display has been getting higher (or a minimum of much less unhealthy) and ultimate week’s display used to be moderately excellent. Last week used to be a significant evening for the corporate with a brand new World Champion being topped, however the query turns into how neatly did the next week’s display do.

Make positive to take a look at ultimate evening’s complete effects proper right here.

According to, this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling drew a .07 ranking within the 18-49 demographic and 289,000 audience. These numbers are up 16% and 5% from ultimate week’s .06 demographic ranking and 283,000 audience. The target market is the most productive for the reason that May 17 display drew 329,000 audience. This week’s display used to be headlined by means of an unsanctioned side road combat within the woods between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

Miss ultimate evening’s display? Here are some fast highlights.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: I’m happy to look the display getting some higher numbers as this week’s episode used to be a little bit higher than maximum and that suggests they will have to be drawing a greater target market. I wasn’t wild in this week’s however it will have to be fascinating to look the place the numbers opt for subsequent week. The excellent factor is the construct in opposition to Slammiversary appears to be going neatly and perhaps they are able to pull off one thing efficient on the pay in keeping with view. In different phrases, issues are getting higher and if that is still the case, the whole lot will have to be positive.

What did you bring to mind this week’s display? Can they maintain expanding the target market? Let us know within the feedback under.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has noticed over 50,000 wrestling fits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 complete displays lined. You can in finding his paintings at, or take a look at his Amazon creator web page with 27 wrestling books. His newest guide is the NXT: The Full Sail Years Volume III: From Dallas To New Orleans.

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Rumor: John Cena Causing Major Problems Between Daniel Bryan and WWE


Last week, it used to be reported that Daniel Bryan used to be soliciting for a “reasonable amount of creative control” in his new contract with WWE. The newest replace claims WWE officers have introduced him a 3 years extension, however Bryan hasn’t signed a brand new deal simply but.

According to a document from DirtySheets, John Cena might be inflicting some primary problems between Bryan and WWE officers. Apparently, Cena instructed him to rent ICM Partners to barter his contract extension with the corporate. ICM Partners are telling Bryan to start out negotiations soliciting for up to imaginable ahead of re-signing with the corporate.

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The expectation for Bryan is the extension can be his ultimate handle WWE. As a outcome, he’s taking a look to get much more cash and perks, particularly since he needed to struggle for over two years simply to get again into the hoop. More importantly, WWE officers know Bryan has choices out of doors of the corporate and may just combat any place now that’s he’s cleared.

The former WWE Champion has a large number of leverage in those negotiations as a result of he’s probably the most corporate’s most sensible babyfaces. His products flies off the cabinets and he’s additionally probably the most largest stars on Total Bellas. If WWE have been to lose Bryan, they might most likely lose him to New Japan and he’s anticipated to be a key face on SmackDown on FOX subsequent yr.

[This post contains video, click to play]

At the instant, WWE officers refuse to push Bryan past the midcard as a result of he has no longer signed a brand new deal but. If the 2 facets comply with phrases, the expectancy is Bryan will obtain a big push on SmackDown after Summerslam. John Cena’s recommendation to Daniel Bryan may just make sure that he’s by no means compelled to handle unhealthy reserving ever once more.

Should Daniel Bryan re-sign with WWE or transfer to every other wrestling promotion?

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Main Event Results – June 7, 2018


Main Event
Date: June 7, 2018
Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, Vic Joseph

I’m actually more interested than usual in this show based on how different this week’s television shows went. Monday Night Raw was such a disaster while Smackdown was a perfectly watchable wrestling show. I’m not sure how they’re going to pull off a highlight show when almost nothing interesting was going on Monday but they’ve pulled off something similar before. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening sequence.

No Way Jose vs. Mike Kanellis

They fight over a lockup to start and Jose scores with a hiptoss. Some forearms in the corner have Jose in trouble and we hit the chinlock. Back up and Kanellis takes way too much time yelling at the conga line and Jose is back up with a clothesline. A superkick gives Kanellis too (with a blown kiss) but Jose’s pop up right hand is good for the pin at 5:11.

Result: No Way Jose b. Mike Kanellis – Pop up right hand (5:11)

From Raw.

Natalya vs. Nia Jax

Non-title with Ronda Rousey on commentary. Nia runs her over and knocks Natalya to the floor as we take a break. Back with Natalya fighting out of a chinlock and scoring with a jawbreaker. A discus clothesline puts Nia down for two but Natalya hurts her knee on the step over into the dropkick. The Samoan drop ends Natalya in short order at 7:22.

Result: Nia Jax b. Natalya – Samoan drop (7:22)

[This post contains video, click to play]

Post match Nia checks on the downed Natalya and Rousey comes in to keep things safe. Natalya is all frustrated as Rousey helps her out. Nia didn’t get physical after the match and looked concerned.

And from Smackdown.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

The threat of a Disarm-Her sends Charlotte outside so Becky settles for a headlock back inside. That’s escaped as well and it’s a standoff until they both catch kicks to the ribs. A double knockdown sends us to a break. Back with Becky going for the arm again but getting caught in a backbreaker for two instead. Lynch drops her one more time and gets two off a top rope legdrop but gets sent into the corner. The moonsault hits raised knees and the Figure Eight is countered twice in a row. The second counter is pulled into the Disarm-Her for the tap at 8:11.

Result: Becky Lynch b. Charlotte – Disarm-Her (8:11)

[This post contains video, click to play]

Lynch helps her up and everything is cool.

From Raw again.

Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Owens easily takes him down to start and asks if that was too sweet. A headlock has Balor slowed down and we switch to a chinlock to really mix things up. Balor fights up into an armbar but Owens whips him hard into the corner to cut him off again. Back from a break with Owens holding another chinlock and Balor fighting up in short order. The kick to the head looks to set up the Coup de Grace but Owens rolls outside.

A snap of the arm over the rope puts Balor in more trouble and it’s off to an armbar. Balor fights up with an elbow to the face but gets superkicked back down. The shotgun dropkick knocks Owens into the corner, only to have him pop back up to crotch Balor. Owens stomps away and that’s a DQ at 18:34.

Result: Finn Balor b. Kevin Owens via DQ when Owens wouldn’t stop attacking in the corner (18:34)

[This post contains video, click to play]

Post match Owens hits the frog splash and climbs the really big ladder. He takes forever teasing the big splash off the ladder but Balor gets up and pulls him down. A Coup de Grace off the ladder crushes Owens and Balor pulls down a briefcase to end the show.

Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak

Feeling out process to start before Tozawa hits him in the face a few times. We take an abrupt break and come back with Gulak hitting a backbreaker and cranking on the arm. Gulak mixes it up with a second chinlock before just stomping away.

Tozawa fights back so let’s cut to the crowd, then back to the ring, then back to the crowd in about ten seconds. A missile dropkick gives Tozawa two and he grabs something like AJ’s Black Widow. That doesn’t last long and Tozawa misses a charge into the corner, setting up the Gulock for the tap at 10:13.

Result: Drew Gulak b. Akira Tozawa – Gulock (10:13)

We’ll wrap it up on Smackdown.

New Day vs. Miz/Rusev/Samoa Joe

Woods wastes no time in forearming Miz down for an early two and it’s New Day alternating with elbows and splashes for two more. Joe tags himself in to face Big E. and this is already feeling bigger. Big E. suplexes him down and it’s off to Woods to try his luck. That would be bad luck as an enziguri puts him down and we take a break. Back with Woods fighting out of Miz’s chinlock but getting pulled down by the hair.

Joe comes in and gets kneed in the head, allowing the double tags to Miz and Kofi. Everyone else fights to the floor and the Boom Drop has Miz in trouble. Joe breaks up Trouble in Paradise and the DDT gives Miz two. Big E. comes back in and gets whipped into the Rock Bottom out of the corner. Rusev gets low bridged to the floor and Woods hits a big flip dive over the top.

Joe gets sent outside as well and Kofi hits a springboard trust fall to drop him again. Big E. spears Miz to the floor and the Midnight Hour is broken up as Joe pulls Woods into the Koquina Clutch on the floor. Kofi dives into the Machka Kick and Miz posts Big E. The villains come back in….and Miz grabs the pancakes, which he throws at Joe and Rusev by mistake. One Machka Kick and a backsplash later and Miz is left down and alone. Kofi comes back in and the Midnight Hour is good for the pin at 13:19.

Result: New Day b. Miz/Rusev/Samoa Joe – Midnight Hour to Miz (13:19)

[This post contains video, click to play]

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 50,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 full shows covered. You can find his work at, or check out his Amazon author page with 27 wrestling books. His latest book is the NXT: The Full Sail Years Volume III: From Dallas To New Orleans.

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Here’s When Rey Mysterio Could Return to WWE Programming


The WWE Universe was pleasantly surprised to see Rey Mysterio return to WWE for the 2018 Royal Rumble Match. A lot of people were disappointed his appearance was only a one-off. Shortly afterward, he returned to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling and will be ‘All In’ this September. However, there’s still a chance Mysterio will return to WWE.

Wrestling Observer Live has reported that WWE officials are talking with Rey about his return to the company. There’s some speculation that he could be for Summerslam in August. Dave Meltzer claims that Mysterio’s schedule is full through the summer, so it’s more likely he could return to the company in September after he’s ‘All In’ in Chicago.

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Something could be worked out, but it seems WWE officials want to lock Mysterio down for a long-term deal. It would only be on a part-time basis, but having Rey back inside a WWE ring on a regular basis should greatly help the company. The most obvious option is to put him on 205 Live. Most fans would expect it, but there’s plenty of other options.

During the first brand extension, Rey Mysterio was a key guy for SmackDown Live. The WWE Universe would be ecstatic to see Mysterio work with Shinsuke Nakamura, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and more inside a WWE ring. There are dream matchups for Mysterio on Raw as well. in fact, he could be better suited in a “free agent” role like John Cena.

Could “The Master of the 619’s” greatest moment be coming soon:

[This post contains video, click to play]

There’s no guarantee that Rey will sign a contract with the company. He might be more comfortable wrestling one-off matches or working without a contract like Chris Jericho does. Either way, the WWE Universe will take as much Rey Mysterio as they can get.

Who’s your dream opponent for Rey Mysterio?

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Major Update Regarding John Cena’s WWE Return Revealed


Over the previous few weeks, John Cena has been within the information for his fresh break-up with Nikki Bella. It’s been reported that the couple is reunited, however their non-public existence has been the point of interest these days for Cena and there hasn’t been numerous information about his WWE go back.

He’s long gone on file to mention that he’s now not accomplished with the corporate, however he hasn’t been observed on WWE programming since being ruled via The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The WWE Universe isn’t anticipating him till Summerslam, however he could also be again a little bit previous.

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According to a record from RingSideNews, the sixteen-time WWE Champion is lately filming the overall touches on Bumblebee, a spin-off of the Transformers collection, after which it sort of feels his agenda is open for a go back to WWE tv earlier than Money within the Bank.

Nothing is showed as a result of Cena may have any other film to movie, or he may want a while to have a tendency to his non-public existence. However, it’s believable for him to go back to Raw or SmackDown Live, particularly with another spot open for the MITB Ladder Match.

Here’s the place it began for the Doctor of Thuganomics:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Tonight on SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe are combating for the overall spot within the fit. However, there are methods to convey Cena into the placement and it’s conceivable that Bryan may win and WWE officers are making plans Cena vs. Joe for the PPV as smartly.

The WWE Universe must be expecting him for Summerslam. With Brock Lesnar off the cardboard for no less than Money within the Bank, it’s conceivable WWE officers need to convey again John Cena to promote the following couple PPVs till Lesnar returns. Even if he doesn’t make his go back to WWE tv earlier than August, John Cena will proceed to be a sizzling matter for the lovers.

Have you loved any of John Cena’s fresh motion pictures?

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Here’s Why WWE Officials Refuse to Push Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan’s in-ring go back elated the WWE Universe, however some lovers are disillusioned together with his reserving. There’s a great opportunity he’ll qualify for the Money within the Bank Ladder Match this night on SmackDown Live. Fans love getting to peer Bryan strive against AJ Styles and Samoa Joe inside of a WWE ring. However, some other folks consider he must be doing extra.

According to RingSideNews, the previous WWE Champion nonetheless has now not signed a brand new take care of the corporate. As a end result, WWE officers are protecting his plans tentative till that adjustments. Despite overwhelming recognition, Bryan will stay caught in WWE’s midcard.

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The two facets nonetheless have 3 months to barter and signal a brand new contract. However, a large number of lovers are disappointed that WWE officers are losing the momentum from his go back. It was once a go back 3 years within the making, however Daniel Bryan’s well being remains to be an enormous fear.

On paper, the WWE Universe desires Bryan to be the WWE Champion. However, he has now not confirmed he can keep well being and any identify reign for him will have to last more than 3 months. It’s comprehensible why the powers that be could be skeptical to position a identify on him or give him a long feud. It’s nonetheless imaginable that he may just go away WWE in September.

WrestleMania 30 may well be the apex of Daniel Bryan’s wrestling profession:

[This post contains video, click to play]

If Daniel Bryan re-signs with the corporate quickly, that may be a excellent display of religion. The subsequent step would most likely be to provide him an actual feud or a run at the USA Title by means of Summerslam on the earliest. By the top of 2018, Bryan may well be difficult for the WWE Title once more.

Do you consider Daniel Bryan must re-sign with WWE or go away the corporate?

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Here’s Why Vince McMahon Has Lost Interest in Bobby Roode


During his time on SmackDown Live, Bobby Roode changed into a babyface and sooner or later gained the United States Championship. The WWE Universe used to be anticipating extra from him with WWE, however his transfer to Raw after WrestleMania 34 gave the impression to be any other likelihood.

He’s set to take part within the Money within the Bank Ladder Match, however no person is anticipating him to win the briefcase. It turns out that his fanatics will have to no longer be expecting the rest larger and higher from Roode at some point. Apparently, Vince McMahon has misplaced passion in him.

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According to a rumor from DirtySheets, Vince McMahon used to be unimpressed all through his time on SmackDown Live. During his feud with Dolph Ziggler, The Boss when compared the group reaction to his front to The Show Off’s. That used to be sufficient for McMahon to make up his thoughts about him and Roode has but to modify Vince’s thoughts about him.

It doesn’t assist that Roode is a herbal heel. He’s been enjoying a babyface since debuting at the primary roster ultimate 12 months, however his efficiency turns out a little bit pressured. His heel run in NXT used to be very best. It’s unexpected WWE officers sought after him to show at the primary rosters.

The Glorious One front theme remains to be probably the most very best in WWE:

[This post contains video, click to play]

His US Title reign used to be additionally all through a time when WWE officers performed scorching potato with the name on SmackDown. It’s comprehensible why his reign can be forgettable, however Roode nonetheless hasn’t inspired the WWE Universe sufficient to obtain a perfect babyface response.

Bobby Roode has the ability to make that occur. He’s been given alternatives, however the timing hasn’t been proper. With Seth Rollins dominating the IC Title scene, Raw is probably not a excellent position for him to thrive. However, the cream at all times rises to the highest sooner or later.

Why do you suppose Bobby Roode is suffering at the primary roster?

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Roman Reigns Responsible For Recent Rise of Independent Wrestling


For the previous 4 years, WWE officers were selling Roman Reigns as the highest babyface within the corporate. He’s primary evented the final 4 WrestleMania occasions, however he’s nonetheless automatically booed out of arenas regularly. That’s why some enthusiasts are very unsatisfied and don’t imagine he merits his place within the corporate and on WWE TV.

His critics are too busy criticizing how he often affects WWE programming in a detrimental option to understand the certain impact he has at the trade as a complete. According to RingSideNews, Reigns may well be chargeable for the expansion of the unbiased scenes.

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One of the typical proceedings is WWE doing what’s perfect for the corporate and now not for the enthusiasts. That’s allowed extra wrestling enthusiasts to get their wrestling in other places and extra unbiased promotions and displays are prepared to present their client what they would like as a result of they don’t need to handle sponsors or positive restrictions like WWE officers.

WWE officers additionally make many selections that enthusiasts don’t accept as true with, and the blame can’t all be put on Roman Reigns. However, he’s grow to be the face of the WWE schedule. The attitude of pushing Roman because the underdog is to achieve sympathy from the WWE Universe, however he’s nonetheless now not utterly over as WWE’s best babyface even after 4 years of attempting.

There were moments the place the WWE Universe has liked Roman Reigns:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Clearly, the corporate isn’t making plans to finish his push any time quickly. WWE programming isn’t going to be for everybody, however there are many choices if that’s the case. The subsequent time you’re unsatisfied as a result of Roman’s reserving, watch some other product and get your wrestling repair in other places. There’s various wrestling on this planet for everybody.

Do you imagine Roman Reigns merits to be the highest babyface?

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Official SmackDown Live Preview – May 29, 2018


They’re running out of spots. WWE isn’t in the best place at the moment as everything has been about Money in the Bank. With less than three weeks left to go before the pay per view, there is one spot left in both namesake matches. That will be decided this week on SmackDown Live, but we need more than one big main event. Some emphasis on some of the other matches would be a good idea, but that’s easier said than done. How is WWE trying get it done? has released its official preview for this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. While the main event and biggest story of the show is Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe in the final Money in the Bank qualifying match, there are other stories as well. This time around that means a look at the upcoming WWE Title and SmackDown Women’s Title matches at the upcoming pay per view. Here are the stories featured in the preview.

Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe clash for the final spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

[This post contains video, click to play]

The New Day battle The Miz & The Bar in Six-Man Tag Team Action

[This post contains video, click to play]

Is Carmella ready for Asuka?

[This post contains video, click to play]

Will AJ Styles figure into the outcome of Shinsuke Nakamura’s match against Tye Dillinger?

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: It’s nice that there seems to be at least some focus on stuff other than the Money in the Bank match. It also helps to have something other than a singles match between the people involved in the ladder match. Throw in some other names for the sake of some flavor and continue to tease which New Day member will get the spot on the match. It makes for a more interesting show, which is what WWE needs right now.

Which of these stories interests you most? Who will get the final spot? Let us know in the comments below.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 50,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 full shows covered. You can find his work at, or check out his Amazon author page with 27 wrestling books. His latest book is the NXT: The Full Sail Years Volume III: From Dallas To New Orleans.

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Enzo Amore Expresses His Rage In New Music Video


It would seem that you simply shouldn’t disillusioned the realest man within the room.

Former WWE celebrity Enzo Amore has launched a tune video for his new rap track, “Phoenix.” Amore, who’s now going through the rap identify “Real1,” has incorporated a couple of lyrics which might be taking pictures on the lady who accused him of rape previous this yr.

You can check out the rap video beneath:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Below are some highlights from the video (h/t to Pro Wrestling Sheet for the transcription):

The video starts with a wrestling fan arguing along with his mom from the basement throughout the “25th anniversary of sports entertainment.” He then will get a breaking information alert and rushes to his pc — clearly in connection with Amore being despatched house from WWE prior to Raw 25.

Some noteworthy lyrics come with:

  • “They cry tears of joy at my funeral. Still I rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Middle finger to the sky grippin’ my …. consensual penis. Lyin’ ass hoe out in Phoenix. When I say that shit I mean it. F*ck you marks for hatin’. This for all my fans waitin’. Entertainment’s hottest free agent. Bitch I’m reincarnated.”
  • “The only thing that I put in that puddin was proof.”
  • “Naw I ain’t Bill Cosby, bitch.”
  • “Bitch them wages gettin’ garnished for my image that you tarnished.”

In the video, Amore is dressed in the similar blouse he used to be reportedly dressed in behind the scenes at Raw’s 25th anniversary display prior to being despatched house which says “today is the best day of my life.”

Editor’s Opinion:

I’m really not an enormous fan of rap tune, so I will’t make an even review of what I heard. However, if that is what he desires to do along with his profession now, then I want him the entire good fortune on the planet!

What do you recall to mind Enzo Amore’s new rap video? Leave us a remark beneath, or publish a touch upon our Facebook web page! Also, ensure to enroll in our publication and obtain our App out of your favourite App Store!

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