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Rumors are swirling today regarding WWE’s Cruiserweight Division. As we saw on last night’s RAW, Enzo Amore lost his Cruiserweight Championship to Kalisto in the main event slot of the show. According to reports, this was a last minute change in plans. The original plan was reportedly to have Neville challenge Enzo and lose in the Lumberjack Match, but things were changed right before RAW went on the air.

And now, we may have a reason why the original match was scratched.

It’s being reported that Neville walked out of RAW last night after either asking for his release or quitting outright. The rumor of Neville’s status came to light earlier today on Twitter.

There’s been no confirmation on either side. And, even if Neville did ask for his release, it’s doubtful that WWE would grant it.

On a personal note, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Neville did just up and quit. After all the work he put in with the heel turn and helping to rebuild the Cruiserweight Division, he gets basically tossed over for a joke like Enzo Amore. That’s enough to make anyone snap. Plus, it’s becoming more and more apparent these days that smart wrestlers don’t need the WWE machine to succeed. If the story is true, he’s more than equipped to be incredibly successful in the indies.

We will keep everyone updated as more information comes to light.

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