Welcome to OFF THE TRACKS WITH SRS. The article I write on gradual data days and shamelessly scouse borrow Alex Pawlowski's theme, on account of he's upper established the collection than I. Today we take a look at Stokely Hathaway's latest attempt to thwart his arch nemesis Matt Riddle. Was it jealousy? Greed? Anger? What was once as soon as Big Stoke's motivation in in search of to devote this crime? I’ve a thought:


It hasn't been a loaded week of wrestling data. However, Stokely Hathaway seemed to change that.

While at this weekend's EVOLVE presentations, manager extraordinaire Stokely Hathaway posted {a photograph} indicating that he would cut Matt Riddle's signature locks if he managed to get to 500 retweets. See sing their own praises A beneath.

500 RTs and I’ll decrease homeboy’s hair the next day to come. I’m critical.

— Stokely Hathaway (@StokelyHathaway) May 20, 2018

Stokely ended up working himself proper right into a shoot, since the tweet got the minimum required retweets right through Sunday's show. When Hathaway attempted to make very good on his word, Riddle caught him and due to this fact "broke his fingers." Such is existence.


— Stokely Hathaway (@StokelyHathaway) May 21, 2018

When reached for commentary on the scenario, Hathaway simply said "I tried." However, when I followed up and asked if he planned on reimbursing the fanatics for their hard earned retweets, or if he'd settle for being the Jeff Katz of wrestling managers he spoke back "WTH," maximum indisputably on account of his fingers had been broken.

Matt Riddle, who once impressed this writer to stay the route with hair enlargement on account of "there are people in the world who wished they could grow their hair, bro," narrowly escaped the clutches of Stokely. It wasn't the main time, and in all probability won't be the last time they've thwarted one every other. Just over a 12 months prior to now, Hathaway made a run in on Riddle's very non-public Brocast, which aired on this web site. You can check that out above.

Let's not fail to remember the violent attack on Hathaway that resulted in a "chipped tooth and nerve damage."

There are one amongst two imaginable situations all through which went down proper right here. The first being that Hathaway simply would advertise the hair on eBay. That seems like something he would do, and now we have pretty clear evidence of that.

Damn. I forgot to ask Keith to sign the stack of 8x10s I printed out. I made that eBay account, NoLimitFan4Lyyyfe, for now not anything else now. 🙁

— Stokely Hathaway (@StokelyHathaway) May 21, 2018

You all aren't seeing the clear symbol, even if. Stokely has been clearly moping in regards to the coming near WWE signing of Keith Lee. For all of their americaand downs, Stokely doesn't want to see Lee transfer — alternatively I think it's for selfish reasons. Hathaway wanted to spoil Keith Lee's existence, then in the future lead some brutal attack on him. So what was once as soon as the plan?

Riddle's near-WWE signing is not any secret. WWE opted to head on him as a result of his earlier with marijuana. Stokely, working out this, tried to appreciate a trend of Riddle's hair HOPING that now not anything else had changed. Despite the fact that Lee and Riddle's hair don’t seem to be anything else alike in color or texture, Stokely was once as soon as out of alternatives. Inside, he's a broken man. His plan was once as soon as to plant the hair, hope Lee got the Dikembe Mutombo finger was once as soon as from Paul Levesque and be sent on his merry means.

All was once as soon as for naught. But proper right here's what it would have gave the look of had Hathaway been a good fortune.

More #evidence

— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) May 21, 2018

However, I'm taking note of that Hathaway has since learned that WWE actually uses blood and/or urine (not combined together) for their checking out methods. I'm not in point of fact certain how he'd transfer about purchasing those samples from Riddle to spoil problems.

Of route, very little to this story is actually true, alternatively you’ll be able to blame the wrestling business for a gradual data Monday. Make certain to take a look at our riveting story about Kentucky Tater Farms from this week. It's a very good issue I finished this merely previous to the news of Smackdown Live to Fox.

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