Takeover: WarVideo games II
Date: November 17, 2018
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

Yeah I believe that is going to just do advantageous. Not counting the display’s namesake fit, it’s a large card with a 2/Three falls identify fit, an NXT Title fit and what generally is a heck of a grudge fit. As same old, NXT is aware of easy methods to provide a large card with the entire junk trimmed off to offer us the most productive display conceivable. Let’s get to it.

The opening video seems to be on the 4 fits at the card, with WarVideo games getting somewhat extra consideration than the whole lot else.

The announcers preview the display with Mauro speaking about Stan Lee passing away and evaluating the principle tournament to the Infinity War.

Here’s Matt Riddle, who isn’t scheduled to be at the display. He’s meant to stand Kassius Ohno on NXT this Wednesday however since they’ve a hoop….two rings proper right here, let’s do that at this time. Ohno comes out and says ring the bell.

Kassius Ohno vs. Matt Riddle

Bell, Riddle knees him within the face, pin in six seconds.

Result: Matt Riddle b. Kassius Ohno – Jumping knee to the face (0:06)

Women’s Title: Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler is protecting and that is 2/Three falls when they’ve traded the identify a couple of instances during the last a number of months. Sane dropkicks her within the nook on the bell and hits a neckbreaker, adopted by means of a working Blockbuster. The working seated clothesline sends Baszler out of doors and a working elbow from the apron takes her down once more. With the referee checking on Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir run in and beat Sane down. Back in and the Kirifuda Clutch makes Sane faucet for the primary fall at 2:00.

The fanatics aren’t glad and Sane makes it worse by means of making an attempt it once more early on, sending Sane to the ropes this time. Baszler stomps her within the head and places at the neck crank sooner than going again to the Clutch. Sane flips again for 2 and the spoil sooner than going right into a slugout. That is going badly for her too as Shayna knocks her foolish and hits a troublesome clothesline.

Baszler takes her to the apron for a suplex however Sane reverses right into a DDT, freaking out Duke, Shafir and the referee. With Shayna showed not to be useless, Sane geese some kicks from Duke and Shafir, putting in the large dive onto everybody. Back in and the Insane Elbow ties issues up at 7:37.

Three immediately spears and 2 spinning backfists glance to arrange any other Elbow however Baszler pops up. They slug it out on most sensible with Sane managing a sundown bomb for 2. Duke provides a distraction so Shafir can shove Sane off the highest. Cue Dakota Kai and Io Shirai for the save with Shirai hitting a moonsault off the highest onto everybody. The distraction we could Sane stand up most sensible for the Insane Elbow, however Shayna reverses it right into a rollup for the pin to retain at 10:56.

Result: Shayna Baszler b. Kairi Sane – Rollup (10:56)

X-Pac is right here.

We recap Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano. Black was once attacked by means of a thriller guy, sending NXT right into a month plus lengthy whodunit tale. It became out to be Gargano, who was once swiftly dropping his grip on truth as he become an increasing number of obsessive about preventing Tommaso Ciampa. He did one terrible factor for the sake of the larger excellent and has began residing within the darkness. The drawback: he’s beginning to find it irresistible there.

Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black

Gargano: “Bring me the Black Mass!” Black’s emerging up front is again and now his vest has horns. They stare every different down to begin because the fanatics appear cut up. Gargano slaps him within the face so Black kicks him proper again. Another kick places Gargano at the ground and it’s time for Johnny to duck some proper fingers. Gargano avoids them so smartly that he sits in the midst of the hoop to taunt Black much more. A couple of extra punches are ducked so Black kicks him within the face and a knee sends Gargano out of doors.

Black moonsaults into the seated place and will get kicked within the face for his efforts. The fanatics aren’t glad as Gargano stomps away within the nook and it’s off to a surfboard. The over assured Johnny slugs away within the nook however misses the rolling kick to the top. Instead a working giant boot sends Gargano out of doors for the large turn dive. Back in and a Lionsault to a status Gargano for 2 and Black kicks him out of doors once more. The heart rope moonsault misses so Johnny hits a suicide dive DDT. A slingshot DDT provides Gargano two and the danger to mention that he’s the selected one.

Black, it seems that no longer one to have Jeff Jarrett’s excellent title sullied, moves away however will get stuck with a opposite hurricanrana. Gargano fees right into a knee to the face regardless that they usually’re each down once more. The slingshot spear is kicked out of the air and Black hits a springboard spinning knee to the chest. A German suplex provides Black two and we now have dueling THIS IS AWESOME chants. Johnny is okay sufficient to spin into the Gargano Escape, which Black escapes by means of rolling Gargano up.

The Lawn Dirt sends Black face first into the center buckle and it’s time for the DIY superkick. Hang on regardless that as Black sits down and calls for Johnny’s very best shot. Gargano does simply that, adopted by means of a working knee for 2. That’s an excessive amount of for Johnny and he’s no longer positive what to do subsequent. He lifts Black to his knees and forearms him within the head, beginning the slugout.

This is going badly for Gargano however he shoves Black of the highest to get a divorce a springboard. Another suicide dive is kneed out of the air regardless that they usually’re each down at the ground. Gargano begs each off and forgiveness sooner than requesting Black Mass. That’s reversed right into a rollup after which the Gargano Escape, with Black once more rolling his manner out. A leaping spinning knee to the face rocks Gargano and Black Mass knocks Johnny foolish. Black received’t let him pass down regardless that and hits a 2nd Black Mass for the pin at 18:06.

Result: Aleister Black b. Johnny Gargano – Black Mass (18:06)

We recap Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream. The Dream accused Ciampa of attacking Black and mentioned he sought after a identify shot to offer the fanatics an revel in at Takeover. The fit was once made and Dream is able to forestall Ciampa from stealing the highlight to any extent further.

NXT Title: Velveteen Dream vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Dream is dressed as Hollywood Hogan (whole with boa) so the announcers make as many Hogan references as they may be able to, whole with Nigel reciting Real American lyrics. Ciampa makes positive to step into the center of the hoop for the highlight throughout the Big Match Intros. The fanatics are at the back of the Dream right here and a lockup just about sends Ciampa to the ground. Instead Dream takes him to the mat and poses slightly as Ciampa covers his head. Ciampa even is going for the hair so Dream slaps him within the face.

The Fairy Tale Ending is damaged up however Ciampa manages to scouse borrow the headscarf. That’s cool with Dream, who rolls out of doors and grabs the identify. Ciampa isn’t having that so the chase is on with Dream hammering away and snapping Ciampa’s throat around the most sensible (Dream: “Welcome to the experience!”). Dream will get the top band again and places a hand to his ear, putting in a large boot however Ciampa rolls away sooner than the large leg. Instead Dream settles for a most sensible rope ax deal with to the ground, handiest to have a springboard damaged up.

Back in and the working knee (with the brace) knocks Dream foolish and a 2nd one sends Dream out of doors once more. The chinlock is going on (with an extended piece of spit falling out of Dream’s mouth) with Ciampa shouting NIGHT NIGHT. Dream comes again with a neckbreaker and a forearm into the nipup. Now the 3 proper fingers arrange the large boot and 2 legdrops, adopted by means of a spinebuster for 2.

Ciampa bails so Dream dives on him however it’s too early for the Purple Rainmaker. Dream is going after the knee as a substitute and places at the Figure Four across the put up. Ciampa faucets, however it doesn’t topic since they’re within the ropes. Back in and Dream correctly is going with a typical Figure Four so Ciampa tries to roll it over. Dream lifts his leg, kicks Ciampa within the face, and places it proper backpedal to stay the grasp on. The grasp is in any case damaged so Dream suplexes him excessive however falls out of doors with him. They’re each down at the ground, with Ciampa untying his boot.

Both of them are again in at 9 and Ciampa rolls him up with tights however the referee catches it simply in time. The Dream Valley Driver will get two however hits springboard crossbody is kneed out of the air. Project Ciampa will get two extra so Ciampa unlaces the boot much more and tries to stroll out. Dream isn’t having that and hits the twisting DDT onto the identify for a VERY shut two. Another Figure Four is damaged up and Ciampa loses his boot, putting in the placing DDT for a fair nearer two.

With not anything else running, Ciampa pulls the ground mats again however any other placing DDT at the ground is damaged up with a crash over the announcers’ desk. Ciampa in truth stops to yell at Mauro, permitting Dream to hit the Dream Valley Driver at the uncovered concrete. Back in and the Purple Rainmaker connects for a loopy shut two however a 2nd at the apron totally misses. Ciampa hits the placing DDT onto the metal partition between the rings to retain at 22:26.

Result: Tommaso Ciampa b. Velveteen Dream – Hanging DDT (22:26)

Dream continues to be out chilly after the recap video.

Nita Strauss is right here.

The cage is reduced.

We recap WarVideo games. The Undisputed Era had been tormenting Ricochet, Pete Dunne and the War Raiders for months, inflicting the 4 of them to reluctantly band in combination to struggle them off. This ended in a number of brawls and naturally that suggests WarVideo games. The Undisputed Era received closing yr so they’ve some revel in, however that doesn’t imply a lot on this fit.

Pete Dunne/Ricochet/War Raiders vs. Undisputed Era

There is a huge cage (nonetheless no roof) over each rings. Both groups will ship in a single guy to begin the fit and the 2 of them will struggle for 5 mins. After that, the Undisputed Era (who received the merit in a fit on NXT) will ship in a 2nd guy for a 2-1 merit for 3 mins. When that point is over, the opposite staff will even issues up for 3 mins. They trade till all 8 are in after which it’s first pin or submission to win. You can’t win the fit till everyone seems to be in. If you get away or go away the cage, you forfeit the fit on your staff.

Cole and Ricochet (with which face paint similar to his companions) get started issues off. They every keep in their very own ring till Ricochet comes throughout to begin the struggle. Some early proper fingers don’t do a lot to Ricochet, who bounces again up together with his headscissors into the dropkick. Ricochet dives right into a Backstabber regardless that and the fireman’s raise backbreaker helps to keep him in hassle. The gradual beating continues till Ricochet kicks him out of the nook.

A springboard (from one ring to the opposite) uppercut drops Cole and it’s Kyle O’Reilly coming in subsequent (albeit somewhat after 5 mins). O’Reilly is going immediately after the again and takes out Ricochet’s knee with a dragon screw legwhip. The double stomping continues till Ricochet sends them into every different. Another fireman’s raise backbreaker, this time from Cole onto O’Reilly’s knee, helps to keep Ricochet in hassle and it’s Hanson, with a foul knee, coming in to even issues up.

The giant guy begins cleansing space with a seated senton out of the nook and a cartwheel simply to harass Cole. An extended collection of working nook clotheslines units up a double Bronco Buster and Ricochet is again up. That approach Hanson losing all the way down to be a launchpad for a working taking pictures big name to O’Reilly. The spinning powerslam is damaged up regardless that and it’s again to Ricochet cutting Cole within the nook.

Roderick Strong is in to make it 3-2 and the tempo selections up once more with working knees within the nook. A part nelson backbreaker drops Ricochet and a torture rack backbreaker does it once more. The Era is again up for the triple teaming on Hanson, together with an Angle Slam from Strong. More working moves within the nook stay Ricochet and Hanson in hassle because the announcers are already announcing the Era goes to win.

Rowe evens issues up and the Era is sensible sufficient to be ready on him in the similar cage. That doesn’t appear to topic as Rowe begins throwing suplexes and heavy forearms. O’Reilly’s choke is going nowhere as Hanson is again up. Just to blow their own horns, Rowe hits a powerbomb on Strong and a World’s Strongest Slam on O’Reilly on the similar time. That’s no longer standard by means of any definition. Cole right away bails however backs into Ricochet so the Raiders ship him face first into the cage. Bobby Fish is launched from his cage however steals the lock and doubles up Dunne’s cage in a good move, throwing the important thing into the group.

Fish pulls out some Undisputed Era chairs and the Era begins unloading. Rowe will get Rock Bottomed via an open chair and the dominance is on. The clock runs out however the referees can handiest open one lock. Back to again superplexes have the Raiders most commonly achieved, permitting Cole to speak trash. The referees in any case in finding some bolt cutters so the additionally injured (knee) Dunne limps to the hoop and reveals a kendo stick with struggle his manner within. Ricochet provides a dive to take out the entire Era, permitting Dunne to search out some extra guns.

That comprises some tables and Dunne in any case will get in, which means the fit is now formally on. The guns are in complete drive with the Era taking a heck of a beating. Dunne begins breaking hands and Hanson places a garbage can over Cole’s head so Rowe can elevate him up and power Hanson into Cole within the nook. Rowe slams Hanson onto O’Reilly and Strong takes a German suplex/springboard clothesline mixture. A garbage can to the top saves Strong from the similar destiny and the comeback is on once more.

Dunne is surrounded however fights off all 4 of them directly, together with a kneebar on Fish. O’Reilly makes the save and reveals a series however Dunne ties him up with it and grabs a guillotine choke. That’s damaged up with a chair to Dunne’s unhealthy knee and the ankle lock is going on with the chairs getting used to carry off Ricochet and the Raiders. Strong pulls again on Dunne’s face with a chair on the similar time till Ricochet dives over for the save. Everyone is down once more till Hanson will get as much as get started punching.

Ricochet is up with an excellent hurricanrana to Fish whilst Dunne hits a butterfly superplex on Strong on the similar time. Hanson a lot up a desk, which breaks once he places Cole on it. Instead it’s a pop up powerslam for 2 on Cole however Fish drives Rowe via a desk between the rings. O’Reilly will get Ricochet in a triangle choke on a desk, permitting Hanson to splash him throughout the desk for the spoil (in additional tactics than one). Strong makes a save regardless that and everyone seems to be down once more.

Cole and Ricochet pass up most sensible for a slugout however Strong has the brilliant concept of seeking to knock Ricochet off, which is equal to forfeiting. Dunne and Rowe come over for the save and it’s a Tower of Doom off the facet of the cage. Ricochet is left on most sensible of the cage regardless that so everybody stands up proper in entrance of him for a close to 720 moonsault onto everybody for the large knockdown. Mauro: “MAMA F’N MIA!”

Everyone will get up with every staff status in a single ring and it’s time for the large standoff, which does glance somewhat cool. They all get between the rings and erupt. That doesn’t closing lengthy so it’s Fallout to Strong with O’Reilly making any other save. Hanson handsprings O’Reilly and Fish down however will get superkicked by means of Cole. Ricochet will get superkicked as smartly and Dunne takes the Last Shot for 2. Dunne hits a snappy Bitter End and Ricochet provides a taking pictures big name press for the double pin on Cole at 47:06.

Result: War Raiders/Pete Dunne/Ricochet b. Undisputed Era – Shooting big name press to Cole (47:06)

Dunne and Ricochet take a look at every different after which pose on most sensible of the cage with their titles.

Matt Riddle b. Kassius Ohno – Jumping knee to the face
Shayna Baszler b. Kairi Sane – Rollup
Aleister Black b. Johnny Gargano – Black Mass
Pete Dunne/Ricochet/War Raiders b. Undisputed Era – Shooting big name press to Cole

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