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Update On Tommaso Ciampa Injury, Availability For TakeOver Chicago

As reported on last night, Tommaso Ciampa suffered some sort of leg injury at the NXT live event in Highland Heights, Kentucky. The match, which featured DIY taking on Sanity, was stopped after the referee threw up the “X” with his arms. Ciampa limped to the back, visibly upset over what had happened.

Triple H provided a bit of an update during today’s NXT conference call. He said Ciampa has said he just turned his ankle and is good to go for TakeOver Chicago tomorrow night in their NXT Tag Team Championship ladder match against the Authors of Pain. It was later revealed that an x-ray showed it was just a severe sprain of his ankle with nothing broken. In the end, though, Triple H said that the medical team will make the call. He says they are all keeping a positive mindset on how this will all turn out.

“He turned his ankle somewhere. As a precaution everything shut down, it stopped, he got out of there. He went for an X-ray last night, and there’s no break or fracture. He’s got an ankle sprain. When I texted with him this morning, he was feeling better and was up moving around and felt like he was not going to have an issue with it. It was not really bothering him, it was not really as bad as they thought it was.”

Triple H NXT Media Call Highlights

Speaking of the NXT conference call, Triple H also addressed the upcoming women’s tournament. He talked about how it will be harder to put together a tournament, just because of the fact that there are less female competitors worldwide. He wants the roster to be full of women from all over the globe, so he mentioned that many female competitors (from the U.S.) that probably should be on the show might not make it due to them trying to make it global in nature.

Triple H alluded to the fact that the women’s tournament is a “passion project” of his that he has been working on for quite a while. He said that they have/will reach out to women’s wrestlers from the past, not necessarily to compete, but to make an appearance during the tournament.

Other news worthy items from the conference call:

  • Triple H was asked about Hideo Itami. It was noted this will be his biggest match since coming to NXT from Japan. Triple H was asked about Itami’s future if this doesn’t go over well. He said he likes to be positive and thinks Itami will rise to the occasion after dealing with so many injury setbacks. He said that if it doesn’t work out, they’ll have to see where Itami wants to take his career moving forward.
  • When asked if this event is a sign there will be more Takeover events moving forward, Hunter said this was just a perfect storm scheduling wise because he wanted to get the brand to Chicago. He didn’t say there would be more shows moving forward as far as Takeovers go.
  • He complimented both Drew Galloway and Jinder Mahal as guys who have come back, reinvented themselves, and had success.
  • Triple H acknowledged managing the brand can be hard when wrestlers get called up, gutting the roster in the process. He also acknowledged people from behind the scenes (like writer Ryan Ward) get called up too, making things difficult. In the end, though, they are a development territory and have to roll with it and continue to reinvent themselves.
  • Triple H talked about the upside of Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne and bringing the UK title to the U.S.
  • Jim Ross’ return was discussed, with Hunter really putting over the fact that Ross will return tomorrow. He sounds very excited to have him involved with WWE and calling matches again.
  • A question was asked about Roderick Strong and how he is progressing. Triple H acknowledged what a great worker he is, but he also said they are continuing to develop him as a personality and his ability to connect with the people is something being worked on.
  • Triple H closed when asked about expansion. He was asked what market is next after the U.K. He didn’t give a specific answer but alluded to India being a goal.

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