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Nikki Bella is never one to shy away from saying what’s on her mind, and during a recent interview, the longest reigning WWE Diva’s Champion voiced the opinion that Total Divas, the WWE/E! Network reality show of which Bella is now an Executive Producer, doesn’t get enough credit for helping to spark the WWE’s Women’s Revolution.

According to Bella, she thinks the show is one of the main reasons the whole movement started.

“I think [Total Divas] helped start the women’s revolution. Total Divas [led to] more women started coming to our show, like, ‘I gotta check this out.’ I remember when Brie was fighting Stephanie McMahon, so many women showed up because they were like, ‘I can’t believe she’s fighting her boss, Oh My Gosh!’ It was crazy for them to even imagine, like, ‘She’s gonna hit her? Like, This is nuts!’ and so I think Total Divas has done so much for women’s wrestling. It was the first time that we got an hour of TV to ourselves, to really showcase what women do.”

She went on to say that the show gets a bad rap, in part, due to jealousy.

“What is unfortunate is that when Total Divas was succeeding and we became a hit reality show, they let people with a mic in the ring just bash it and us Total Divas never got a response. So, with the fans, it began to give Total Divas a bad name, ‘Oh, they are just reality stars.’ Actually, while the girls who aren’t on the reality show are just wrestling, us girls on the reality show are wrestling, are filming, are never sleeping, going to appearances, making sure that the world knows how amazing women wrestlers are. So, I don’t feel Total Divas gets enough credit because the words ‘reality show’ has ruined it for people. I think certain people also, characters for the company, have ruined it as well out of pure jealousy. I’ll admit that.”

Hmmm…. Total Divas. Women’s Revolution.

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Yeah, Imma just leave this here and let you all decide for yourself where the spark came from.

Bella also had the following to say about the popularity of the show and fans at WWE events wanting to see the cast of Total Divas, not the women that weren’t on the show.

“It happened so quickly and so fast. I want to say that when seasons one and two came out, both of which we were lucky in that they had 16 episodes each, after that season two….Bam! Everyone wanted to know Natalya, Brie Bella, Naomi, Ariane. Everyone was like, ‘Who are these girls?’ and when we go to events, there would be women wrestlers who weren’t on the show and were getting more TV time than us and [the fans] wouldn’t care about them. They would be, ‘I want to see those Total Divas girls. Can you bring them back?’”

Lordy mercy, I bet this is going to go over real well in the locker room. Let’s hope this was her doing this in-character, otherwise, she’s burned some bridges.

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