Nikki Bella might have caused the injuries to her neck and back because of her finishing move, the Rack Attack
After keeping everyone in the dark, albeit not likely maliciously, Nikki Bella finally revealed to her fans on Instagram that she was taking time off to heal from various injuries.

Nikki Bella had bumps and bruises like every WWE performer who is on the road every week out of the year, but her big issue was that she was having issues with some bulging discs.

There were talks that Nikki Bella was going to be making her return in January, which means that she would have been back in time for WWE to book her in a Royal Rumble match.

To counter the rumors, Nikki Bella took to social media to let her fans know that she will not be back and will find out at the end of January if she needs to have another surgery.

There are now speculations that the reason why Nikki Bella is having issues with her neck and back could be because of the finishing move that she uses. The Rack Attack is dangerous.

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