Monday Night Raw
Date: November 19, 2018
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

It’s evening 3 in Los Angeles and we’re at the facet that gained. Last evening at Survivor Series, Raw utterly swept Smackdown within the struggle for emblem supremacy. Therefore, you’ll be expecting a heck of a large number of bragging this week, which most likely method Stephanie time. We’re lower than a month clear of TLC, whilst most likely method no Brock time. Let’s get to it.

Here’s Baron Corbin to open issues up…and he introduces Stephanie. She desires to soak it in a bit of as a result of closing evening they proved they have been the most efficient. Tonight they’re celebrating however first Corbin desires Stephanie to apply via on her promise of creating his place everlasting. Instead right here’s Braun Strowman to break. He desires his fit with Corbin so Stephanie makes the fit for TLC. She throws in an advantage even though: if Corbin wins he’s everlasting GM but when he loses, he loses all authority.

Strowman has a deal as smartly: if he beats Corbin, he will get Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title on the Royal Rumble. Strowman is in and it’s a TLC fit at TLC. Corbin thinks that’s a terrible thought for Strowman however he’s going to have Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre in a handicap fit this night. Stephanie doesn’t love it so she provides Corbin, Balor and Elias to make it a six guy.

Baron Corbin/Bobby Lashley/Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman/Finn Balor/Elias

Elimination regulations. Before we’re able to move, Elias has one thing to sing. He talks about how the common fact of what WWE stands for after which performs a music. Corbin begins with Corbin and naturally tags out to McIntyre ahead of it may possibly pass any place. Drew’s will have to doesn’t paintings so he is going to the eyes, most effective to get shouldered down. Balor is available in and will get kicked within the face to the ground as we take a destroy.

Back with out a eliminations and McIntyre getting two off a suplex to Balor. Lashley provides a working shoulder within the nook and it’s off to the chinlock. Corbin cuts off the new tag strive with a Deep Six and it’s again to Lashley for the arduous whip into the nook. Balor in the end kicks him away and makes the new tag off to Elias. House is wiped clean however Balor tags himself again in and hits the massive turn dive onto Lashley. The Coup de Grace is damaged up even though and it’s the Claymore for the primary removing at 12:14.

We take every other destroy and are available again with Elias getting stomped within the nook, putting in place the armbar with a beard snatch. Back up and Elias can’t combat out of the nook as Corbin whips him arduous into the nook. That method the chinlock, which is a minimum of a 3rd of Corbin’s offense. Drew knocks Strowman off the apron so Elias has no person to tag after hitting the leaping knee. A most sensible rope elbow will get two with Lashley making the save. Lio Rush annoys Elias so Lashley spears him down for a countout at 20:54.

Back from every other destroy with Strowman in additional hassle as Lashley shoulders him within the ribs. Strowman fights up from Corbin’s chinlock and runs Lashley over at the flooring. The powerslam will get two on Corbin however McIntyre hits Strowman with a chair for the DQ at 27:50. More chairs to the ribs knock Strowman to the ground and Lashley provides a spear. Strowman will get up once more and eats a Claymore as I’m assuming the fit was once thrown out someplace in there.

Result: Baron Corbin/Drew McIntyre/Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman/Finn Balor/Elias went to a no contest (27:50)

They ship Strowman into the stairs and Corbin will get in some extra chair pictures. Lashley holds Strowman’s arm with a belt and Corbin crushes his arm with the stairs. We’ll say the fit was once thrown out with McIntyre being DQ’d. The villains go away and Strowman will get up whilst preserving his arm.

We glance again at Dean Ambrose burning his Shield vest closing week.

Here’s Seth Rollins for a talk. Today is six years to the day of the Shield debuting in WWE and the 3 of them ran this position. Rollins is taking a look ahead to going through Dean Ambrose at TLC as a result of Ambrose can’t run away anymore. It’s going to be the 2 of them one on one for the Intercontinental Title.

Last week Dean stated he’s been this man all of the time. Rollins discovered extra about Dean from the WWE Chronicle at the Network than he has any place else. He didn’t know Dean had a terrible an infection as a result of Dean by no means informed him or spoke back when Seth calls. Rollins is feeling extremely competitive this night at the moment so Dean can pop out right here for a combat. Dean pops up on display to mention Seth doesn’t get what he desires that simply.

The Shield has completed extra hurt than just right as a result of whilst everybody liked them no person knew what it was once like when the cameras grew to become off. They have been rotten to the nook and what they did will come again round on them in numerous tactics. Look at Roman. For what he did, he has to respond to to the person upstairs. What’s worse even though is Rollins has to respond to to Ambrose. The digital camera pans out to turn Dean behind the scenes and Rollins says come to find him.

Cole asks Renee what’s happening and he or she doesn’t trust it, however he was once at the shelf for a very long time.

Rollins is going to seek out Ambrose and beats up some safety guards who don’t like being requested the place Dean is.

Graves thinks Renee is aware of greater than she’s letting on and he or she’s visibly pissed off.

Lars Sullivan is coming.

Sasha Banks/Bayley vs. Nia Jax/Tamina

Alexa Bliss is on observation. Banks hammers away at Nia to begin as Bliss doesn’t like being known as out for stabbing her pals within the again. Apparently Banks and Bayley don’t even like Renee, who turns out reasonably stunned. Bayley, in what seems like a Bob Sparkplug Holly tribute outfit, is available in for the working elbow within the nook. Tamina will get kneed down within the nook and stereo dropkicks throughout the ropes have the monsters in hassle as we take a destroy.

Back from a destroy with Bayley hitting a jawbreaker on Nia and bringing Banks again in. That earns her a knock to the ground and it’s Banks’ flip to get overwhelmed up. Tamina provides the working hip assault within the nook and we hit the chinlock. Back up and a few working knees drop Tamina and it’s off to Bayley, who walks right into a heck of a superkick. Bayley slugs away even though and hits a Thesz press, adopted by way of a top crossbody for 2. The comeback is bring to an end by way of Nia’s proper hand and Banks is knocked off the apron, leaving Bayley to take the Samoan drop for the pin at 11:12.

Result: Nia Jax/Tamina b. Bayley/Sasha Banks – Samoan drop to Bayley (11:12)

Charly Caruso is making an attempt to interview anyone when Ambrose pops up on a video display and says he’s nonetheless ready on Rollins.

Post destroy, Rollins is going via the similar door Dean went via and reveals every other door with BURN IT DOWN painted on. It’s locked even though, and Seth is pissed off.

We pass from that to reminding you that Drake Maverick had some problems closing evening with controlling his physically purposes.

At catering, folks made a laugh of Maverick.

Revival vs. Lucha House Party

This is underneath Lucha House regulations, which means all 3 participants of the House Party can compete. Kalisto kicks Wilder down to begin and the planking splash connects. Dorado is available in with a springboard dropkick however Dawson takes him down. He makes the error of throwing the pinata to the ground even though and it’s again to Metalik. The pinata is introduced again in for the rope stroll elbow however Wilder will get up. Instead they throw the pinata to the ground, leaving Dorado to kick Wilder within the head. The taking pictures famous person finishes Wilder at 2:54.

Result: Lucha House Party b. Revival – Shooting famous person press to Wilder (2:54)

We glance again at Charlotte attacking Ronda Rousey closing evening.

Seth guarantees to seek out Dean on account of what he stated about Reigns. Dean walks in the back of him with Seth no longer seeing anything else. Titus O’Neil says Dean was once simply 12 months…however doesn’t know which means he went.

Here’s Rousey for a talk. She is aware of she’s protecting the name in opposition to Nia Jax at TLC and is aware of how bad Jax is. Just take a look at what took place to Becky’s face. At TLC, Nia is tapping out after which the following bankruptcy of Rousey is being written. She’s no longer out right here to get sympathy as a result of that’s no longer what a champion does. A champion is able to combat always or they step apart.

The fanatics chant for Becky however Rousey says that is her worst day. She desires to protect the name at the moment even though as a result of she’s a champion. Cue Corbin to mention that name protection isn’t going down and Rousey isn’t glad. She’s by no means sponsored out of a combat and that’s why she’s the baddest b**** on the earth. Go to find an opponent at the moment, except Corbin desires to combat her as a substitute. Corbin is going to seek out her a challenger.

Raw Women’s Title: Mickie James vs. Ronda Rousey

Rousey is protecting. Mickie is going after Rousey’s bruised ribs after which hits her within the face. It’s off to a chinlock however Rousey fights up and hits 3 directly Piper’s Pits. The armbar makes Mickie faucet at 2:21.

Result: Ronda Rousey b. Mickie James – Armbar (2:21)

Rousey is going up the ramp and runs into Nia and Tamina…who stroll away.

Video on Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar from closing evening.

Survivor Series 2019 is in Chicago.

AOP vs. Chad Gable/Bobby Roode

Non-title. Akam wrestles Gable to the mat to begin and a BIG knee to the face assists in keeping Gable in hassle. There’s a spinebuster to stay Gable down however the armbar over the ropes places Rezar in hassle. The sizzling tag brings in Roode to wash space, together with the Blockbuster to Akam. Gable comes again in and hits a most sensible rope sundown turn for the pin at 3:20.

Result: Chad Gable/Bobby Roode b. AOP – Top rope sundown turn to Rezar (3:20)

Ambrose is ready on Rollins and is already ill of folks complaining over him citing Roman. This isn’t about Roman as it’s in regards to the bond between brothers being damaged. If Rollins reveals him this night, he’ll destroy him too. Dean smells one thing dangerous and thinks it’s Rollins’ concern. Apparently it’s the folk of Los Angeles.

The B-Team shills products.

Rollins leaves as a result of Dean doesn’t need to to find him.

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

Natalya takes her down to begin and hammers away however the remainder of the Squad provides a distraction, permitting Riott to take over as we take a destroy. Back with Ruby preserving a guillotine choke after which reducing off a comeback strive. Natalya slams her off the highest and hits the discus lariat however has to care for Sarah Logan. The Sharpshooter is going on however Liv Morgan makes the save in the back of the referee’s again. That’s sufficient for the rollup however Natalya reverses into one in every of her personal for the pin at 8:14.

Result: Natalya b. Ruby Riott – Rollup (8:14)

We glance again at Strowman being attacked previous. Strowman has a shattered elbow.

Here’s Ambrose for the final phase. Ambrose reveals it humorous that individuals are short of to look Rollins beat him up as a result of they’d stab their pals within the again for a sizzling meal. AND WHAT IS THAT SMELL??? Apparently it’s faux LA rubbish…and we lower to Rollins returning to the world and working to the hoop. Ambrose in fact doesn’t bail and the beatdown is on. Referees pop out for the save and now Dean runs into the group. Seth catches him with out a lot effort even though and dives off the barricade onto him once more. A low superkick appears to arrange the Stomp however Ambrose hits him low. Dirty Deeds ends the display.

Baron Corbin/Drew McIntyre/Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman/Finn Balor/Elias went to a no contest
Nia Jax/Tamina b. Bayley/Sasha Banks – Samoan drop to Bayley
Lucha House Party b. Revival – Shooting famous person press to Wilder
Ronda Rousey b. Mickie James – Armbar
Chad Gable/Bobby Roode b. AOP – Top rope sundown turn to Rezar
Natalya b. Ruby Riott – Rollup

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