Monday Night Raw
Date: August 13, 2018
Location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves

Now this will have to be a captivating one as Renee Young would be the first girl to do a complete night time of remark on Raw. We’re additionally in WCW nation and it’s the move house display for Summerslam. It’s laborious to mention what we’ll be seeing this night because it’s no longer transparent if Brock Lesnar will likely be round or no longer (I wouldn’t get my hopes up). Let’s get to it.

No In Memory of Jim Neidhart graphic.

Here’s a somber Ronda Rousey to mention that Natalya received’t be right here this night. She talks concerning the significance of fathers, together with Neidhart who passed on to the great beyond previous these days. Natalya used to be the primary individual to lend a hand her out when she were given right here and Rousey would be the first individual to get up for Natalya in her absence. Alexa Bliss needed to cheat to overcome Natalya and on Sunday, she’ll beat Bliss to win the identify. That’s the similar factor Ember Moon goes to do presently so it’s time for a fit.

Ember Moon vs. Alexa Bliss

Bliss has Alicia Fox, with crops in her hair and dressed in one sleeve of a jacket because of the armbar from final week. Hang on even though as Bliss desires to rant about Rousey being this sort of bully. Bliss is bored with having everybody say Rousey goes to wreck her on Sunday. Rousey has had 3 suits and Bliss is a 5 time Women’s Champion.

It’s no longer honest that Kurt Angle is prepared to give protection to Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns however Rousey is authorized out right here throughout this fit. Therefore she’s talked to Constable Baron Corbin and has gotten her personal safety this night. Four huge guys pop out and get within the ring, permitting Bliss to knock Ember into Rousey, knocking the latter off the apron. Rousey beats up the safety and the fit is after a destroy.

We’re joined in growth after a destroy with Moon grabbing an armbar so right here’s a promo for Reigns vs. Lesnar. The fit wasn’t again on for a minute and it’s off to the cut up display. Back with Moon getting two and Bliss rolling to the ground, incomes herself a baseball slide. Back in and we hit a chinlock for a little earlier than Bliss dropkicks her within the ribs. Bliss will get kicked to the ground once more and we take a destroy, 4 mins and fifteen seconds right into a fit with a minute of that during cut up display.

Back with Moon rolling her up for 2 however getting stuck in a chinlock. A basement dropkick cuts Moon off once more and Bliss glares at Rousey, who doesn’t appear glad. Moon screams so much and is derived again with the twister DDT into the snap suplex ala Wade Barrett however Rousey stops to overcome up Fox. Bliss in reality is going after Rousey and throws her into the barricade. Back in and Moon hits a gutbuster, adopted via the Eclipse….for 2 as Fox is available in for the DQ at 12:20.

Result: Ember Moon b. Alexa Bliss by the use of DQ when Alicia Fox interfered (12:20)

Long recap of 2 weeks in the past when Brock Lesnar attacked Paul Heyman and Heyman’s interview from final week. We get some further photos, with Heyman implying that there could be some way for Reigns to win however chopping himself off and leaving.

Angle and Corbin argue about Corbin making the fit previous. Corbin doesn’t express regret for going over Angle’s head and is going to the hoop. Dolph Ziggler (together with his hair down and immediately) and Drew McIntyre are available in to bitch about Seth Rollins no longer being right here. Angle says Rollins had some shuttle problems after his exposure excursion of China however he’ll be right here this night.

Baron Corbin vs. Tyler Breeze

Corbin is selecting each his and Finn Balor’s combatants this night. Breeze has his outdated NXT tune again. Corbin breaks up a wristlock try with a difficult shove and we’re already within the chinlock. As the hang remains on, Renee and Corey argue over Corbin’s abuses of energy. Breeze fights again with a dropkick to place Corbin at the flooring, most effective to catch Breeze coming off the apron.

Graves asks Renee how she will desire Balor to Corbin, with Renee pronouncing she performs favorites a little. We hit the second one chinlock however Breeze fights again up with a kick to the face. Corbin will get clotheslined to the ground, the place he sidesteps a dive to ship Breeze crashing to the ground. They get again in and a depraved Deep Six ends Breeze at 4:13.

Result: Baron Corbin b. Tyler Breeze – Deep Six (4:13)

Post fit Corbin praises himself and brings out Balor’s opponent: Jinder Mahal. Actually grasp on a 2nd as we’ll throw in Kevin Owens to make it a handicap fit.

Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor

Corbin introduces Balor because the little engine that may’t. Hang on once more even though as right here’s Angle to offer Balor a spouse.

Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor/Braun Strowman

Strowman will get a heck of a house state response and Graves calls him the Meat Castle. Renee: “….the Meat Castle?” Jinder takes Balor down to start out as Renee talks about her Monday meditation app. Renee: “Everybody get your chi right.” Balor rolls via a sundown turn and dropkicks Mahal however it’s briefly off to Owens for some stomping.

We hit the armbar for a little however Balor slips out and knocks Owens down, permitting the new tag to Strowman. Owens bails to the ground as Strowman runs over Mahal, adopted via selecting up an unsuspecting Balor and slamming him onto Jinder. It’s time for a large dive from Balor however Owens journeys him (or no less than swipes at his ft), drawing Braun over for the chase. That’s sufficient to place Mahal and Owens in combination for the massive turn dive and we take a destroy.

Back with Mahal protecting Balor in a chinlock (the similar arm lure person who Corbin makes use of) earlier than handing it off to Owens for some proper palms to the top. That sounds just like the time for an NXT Takeover: Brooklyn promo and we’re again Mahal protecting every other chinlock. Balor comes again with a Sling Blade on Owens and there’s the new tag to Strowman. After operating Mahal over, Strowman heads outdoor for a lap across the ring, even though this time he alternatives up Sunil Singh and drives him into Owens for a metamorphosis of tempo. Back in, Strowman shrugs off Mahal’s leaping knee and powerslams him for the pin at 14:00.

Result: Finn Balor/Braun Strowman b. Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens – Powerslam to Mahal (14:00)

Post fit Strowman chases Owens off, leaving Corbin to hit End of Days on Balor. For the affection of all issues just right and holy, please let this horrible feud finish on Sunday.

Angle can’t pay money for Rollins so listed below are Ziggler and McIntyre once more to mock Rollins for no longer being right here. If Rollins can’t be right here for the contract signing, there’s no identify fit. Ziggler asks to peer the contract for the identify fit to verify not anything has slipped throughout the cracks. Angle calls them idiots when they go away.

Here’s a singer named Ricky Roberts, who says Elias is his favourite singer. He’s no longer superb proper no longer however he’s going to finish up within the Country Music Hall of Fame. Then Elias goes to come back in finding him and he’ll say “Hello, I am Elias.”

Cue the actual Elias to shill the What Would Elias Do bracelet and be offering his admire to Roberts if he can beat Bobby Lashley this night. Elias mentions his New York City live performance on Saturday and mocks the North Carolina lovers, however right here’s Lashley to break. Lashley says we have already got a no skill musical clown round right here so Roberts hits him with the guitar. The frustrated Lashley hits a heck of a spinebuster and glare at Elias.

Bo Dallas is doing the mathematics earlier than this night’s triple risk fit when Curtis Axel is available in to inform him to be certain. Dallas panics for the reason that odds are decrease towards them than same old. Axel: “The odds are always against us.” Dallas has checked the numbers over and over again, even DM’ing mathematicians on Twitter. Axel: “You can’t spell Raw Tag Team Champions without B team!” Dallas: “Or a whole bunch of other letters!” They’re going to head available in the market and run for his or her lives. B Team!

Ziggler and McIntyre are having a look over the contract.

Tag Team Titles: Revival vs. Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt vs. B Team

The B Team is protecting and it’s one fall to a end. Wilder pulls Dallas into the nook to start out and it’s already time to take activates him. Matt is available in lovely briefly even though and clotheslines Wilder within the nook, adopted via a Side Effect for 2. After a shout of V1 (little flashback), the center rope elbow to the neck seems to be to arrange the Twist of Fate. Dawson makes a blind tag even though and a Hart Attack (great contact) will get two. Wilder will get two extra off a legdrop and we take a destroy.

Back with Wyatt hitting liberate Rock Bottoms on everybody however Axel. Dawson sundown flips Wyatt, sending Axel flying in a German suplex on the identical time. Wyatt heads outdoor and counters Wilder’s suicide dive into every other Rock Bottom onto the apron. A dive off the stairs from Dallas knocks Wyatt down however Hardy superplexes Dawson onto the massive pile. Back in and the Revival reverses a double Sister Abigail into the Shatter Machine, most effective to have Axel scouse borrow the pin to retain at 10:30.

Result: B Team b. Revival and Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt – Shatter Machine to Wyatt (10:30)

The B Team birthday celebration is going to the again and so they run into an unimpressed Roman Reigns.

Ziggler has discovered a subject within the contract: Seth is authorized to have anyone in his nook. Angle is prepared to take it out if Drew isn’t allowed to be in Ziggler’s nook. Ziggler we could it move.

Here’s Roman Reigns for his final giant speech earlier than Sunday. Reigns says each day he tells himself to go away a spot higher than he discovered it. He can’t do this with Brock Lesnar nonetheless round even though and Lesnar wishes to head. Reigns is ill of listening to about him and seeing him so it ends at Summerslam. On Sunday, he’s taking again his Universal Title and sending Lesnar thus far again into the UFC that his head will likely be caught within Dana White.

Cue a perky Paul Heyman to mention it’s a brand new day, sure it’s. If he used to be going to scouse borrow a line from anyone on Smackdown even though, it will be the Usos, who’re the way forward for the tag staff department. He doesn’t in reality scouse borrow an Uso line, however he’s having a look at the way forward for every other department in Roman Reigns. Roman: “This is gonna be good y’all.” After being accused of crying on command, Heyman says Reigns could make historical past proper right here, presently. He brings up what he used to be about to say final week within the interview: he’s prepared to inform Reigns every unmarried one in every of Lesnar’s secrets and techniques.

Reigns thinks he can beat Lesnar on his personal, however with Heyman in his nook, he’s GUARANTEED to win the Universal Title. Heyman extends his hand and that will get a large YES chant. Reigns says he is aware of all the ones secrets and techniques already as a result of he received in Saudi Arabia and would have achieved it so much quicker with out Heyman. That’s true and Heyman hopes his sins received’t be held towards him. Heyman sees himself as the brand new suggest for Reigns subsequent week and provides his hand once more.

Another YES chant will get grew to become down as Reigns talks about his father instructing him to swim with the sharks. He additionally is aware of easy methods to see anyone who’s drowning, like Heyman. The factor is Heyman isn’t price saving so the solution is not any. Heyman talks about using with Reigns’ father Sika and speaks some Samoan, which will get Reigns’ consideration. Heyman even has an settlement written up, which Reigns can resolution on Sunday. As Reigns seems to be at it, Heyman pepper sprays him and leaves. Cue Brock Lesnar to overcome Reigns up and put him out with a guillotine choke. Lesnar and Heyman stroll up the ramp however Lesnar is going again for an F5.

Mojo Rawley/Authors of Pain vs. Titus Worldwide/Bobby Roode

Rezar runs Crews over to start out and we hit the neck crank, that means let’s have an inset promo about Rousey vs. Bliss. Back with Akam protecting his personal neck crank however Rawley is available in and will’t hit a stomach to again suplex. Instead it’s a scorching tag to Roode for some clotheslines and a Blockbuster for 2. Everything breaks down and the Glorious DDT finishes Rawley at 2:47.

Result: Titus Worldwide/Bobby Roode b. Authors of Pain/Mojo Rawley – Glorious DDT to Rawley (2:47)

Reigns is getting his eyes washed out.

We get a tribute to Jim Neidhart, specializing in how he broke into the industry and the Hart Foundation.

The announcers communicate concerning the Hart Foundation, together with a point out in their Summerslam 1990 fit with Demolition.

Summerslam rundown, together with the Revival vs. the B Team added to the Kickoff Show. Better than including it to the common display. The Cruiserweight Title is at the Kickoff Show as smartly.

We glance again at Rousey snapping and beating up Bliss’ safety, together with one operating away.

Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riott

Banks wastes no time in taking Riott down and pulling on her head. An overly early Bank Statement has Riott within the ropes and so they head to the ground. Ruby makes use of a Riott Squad distraction and kicks Banks into the stairs, together with her hand getting stuck to truly give Riott a goal. Back in and Riott twists the hand round earlier than stomping on it as we take a destroy.

We come again with Riott running at the hand till Sasha runs the nook for an armdrag to wreck the hang. The hand is hurting, so Banks dives onto Sarah Logan in a large crash. Liv Morgan pulls Banks off the apron so Bayley is correct there for the save. Banks hits Ruby within the hand even though and a rollup is just right for the pin at 8:59.

Result: Ruby Riott b. Sasha Banks – Rollup (8:59)

Photos of Seth Rollins in China final week.

Rollins isn’t right here so Corbin tells Angle that Stephanie will NOT be at liberty.

Here’s Angle for the contract signing, even though first he says that Lesnar isn’t going to be suspended or stripped of the identify, as a result of he desires Reigns to carry the identify again to Raw each and every week. Cue Ziggler and McIntyre to mention they don’t imagine Angle. He’s already misplaced one identify fit since Rollins isn’t right here so Angle received’t let the opposite one fall via. Ziggler says there’s no Rollins right here this night as a result of he’s scared.

Angle intros Rollins two times however no person displays up. McIntyre is going right into a rant about why they were given in combination within the first position: to fight complacency from individuals who assume they belong on best simply because they were given right here. People like Rollins are on best of that listing as a result of he labored so laborious to get the place he’s. Ziggler would know as a result of he did the similar factor. The lovers imply not anything even though as a result of the second one a glittery object loses its luster, everybody activates you.

It’ll occur to everybody as a result of this vicious cycle can by no means finish on account of other people like them. Where had been they throughout the laborious instances? Ziggler is aware of what it’s love to have anyone who has his again and now he doesn’t care about somebody within the crowd or within the again. He indicators and right here’s Rollins, only a few seconds past due.

Rollins has in reality been right here for awhile however he didn’t wish to pop out right here till Ziggler in reality signed. It’s true that he used to be coping with shuttle problems, however they weren’t his shuttle problems. See, there used to be that clause within the contract about Rollins having anyone in his nook as a result of he’s bored with coping with McIntyre always.

Since there’s going to be a Scottish psychopath in a single nook, Rollins higher have a lunatic in his. Cue the returning Dean Ambrose, now with a beard and a large haircut, to a big response. The battle is on (with Renee no longer pronouncing a phrase) and a superkick knocks McIntyre into Dirty Deeds and Rollins indicators the contract to finish the display.

Ember Moon b. Alexa Bliss by the use of DQ when Alicia Fox interfered
Baron Corbin b. Tyler Breeze – Deep Six
Finn Balor/Braun Strowman b. Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens – Powerslam to Mahal
B Team b. Revival and Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt – Shatter Machine to Wyatt
Titus Worldwide/Bobby Roode b. Authors of Pain/Mojo Rawley – Glorious DDT to Rawley
Ruby Riott b. Sasha Banks – Rollup

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