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Mick Foley Comments On Knee Replacement

As we reported yesterday, Mick Foley underwent successful knee replacement surgery. Foley took to Facebook to comment on the surgery and how he is feeling after his recent hip replacement.


Hey, if you ever have a chance to talk to #WWEHOF Madusa, and she tells you something, believe it! Madusa warned me that this knee replacement was going to be painful, and the rehab to follow even worse. So far, she is right on the money!

But I really needed the surgery. The hip replacement in April has helped tremendously, it was removed so much of the pain I was in the last eight or nine years. But without this knee operation, I was going to continue with that noticeable limp, in case you forgot what The Godfather once told us you limpin’…it ain’t easy! As it turns out, my right knee has not been able to straighten for probably 10 years or more. As a result, I’ve been placing far too much weight on my left foot, every day for 10 years – and over the course of that time, it has greatly affected our walk… i’m kind of leaving to a domino reactions were other body parts or stressed when compensating for the knee injury. So, although this surgery is a tough one, It was also a very necessary one.

Thanks to all of you responded yesterday with so many kind words. They were really helpful. Have a nice day!

Backstage News On Why Asuka Is Going To RAW

As we reported yesterday, WWE has announced that Asuka will be coming to RAW when when makes her main roster debut.

Apparently, there was a lot of back and forth on which brand The Empress Of Tomorrow would end up on, and the feeling was that the depth of the Women’s Division on RAW wasn’t as strong as that of SmackDown Live, so the decision was made to have Asuka on the flagship brand.

The current plan is for her to debut sometime in October when she is fully healed from a recent collarbone injury.

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