WWE recently released 9 of its wrestlers from their company.WWE did end up releasing Brooklyn Brawler at the end although Brook wasn’t working or was making his appearances on TV but he was playing a major role backstage.And as of now WWE just ended up releasing Former World Champion Christian few hours ago.But it was reported that Christian was released just as a wrestler which means he would be doing his non-wrestling role backstage.This release has nothing to do with the agreements to do The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network.

Christian has been an injury prone wrestler over the years.There were numerous concussions and injuries which hindered his career.Soo perhaps WWE must have looked into this and must have released him as a wrestler as it clearly appears that WWE is in no mood of having Christian wrestle in the ring again.Seriously speaking WWE just can’t afford to make him wrestle against the high-risk factors which are against Christian.

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