Fusion #17
Date: August 10, 2018
Location: Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

Things are already beginning to get attention-grabbing round right here all over the place once more, simply after Battle Riot. We nonetheless have Black Friday Management and Promociones Dorado hooking as much as make issues that a lot more bad, however there are a number of stars who may stand up to problem them. Let’s get to it.

Here are remaining week’s effects if you want a recap.

Earlier this week, Kotto Brazil, Barrington Hughes and Shane Strickland difficult Sami Callihan and the Death Machines to WAR GAMES.

The ten guy WarGames, with two extra companions for each and every staff to be introduced, is showed for September 6 in Fort Lauderdale.

Barrington Hughes vs. Leon Scott

They slug it out and Hughes is rocked not up to ten seconds in. A liberate Rock Bottom vegetation Scott and there’s the large elbow to attract in Sawyer Fulton for the DQ at 37 seconds.

Result: Barrington Hughes b. Leon Scott by means of DQ when Sawyer Fulton interfered (0:37)

Post fit Hughes fights again however Sami is available in with a baseball bat to the top to chop him down. Brazil runs in and takes the bat for the save. Kotti is uninterested in that and needs Sami RIGHT NOW. He needs to turn Sami that Kotto can and Kotto will.

Kotto Brazil vs. Sami Callihan

Before the bell, Sami will get dropkicked off the apron and Kotto hits a large turn dive onto each him and the Death Machines. A 619 beneath the ground rope has Sami in additional bother however he’s proper again with a powerbomb to take over. The bell rings and it’s Sami reducing away within the nook to tear some pores and skin off Kott’s chest. Sami takes him to the ground and chokes with a boot, adopted by means of some wild rights and lefts again within.

A chinlock slows issues down for a couple of moments however Sami stops to spit. You by no means spit you probably have the risk and Brazil is again up with some dropkicks. A dangling Sister Abigail cuts him off in a rush despite the fact that and Sami calls for a status ten depend. Kotto will get up and it’s proper again to the chinlock. This time the counter is a heck of a twister DDT however Sami is up with a heck of a clothesline.

With the wrestling no longer operating, Sami a lot up a pile of chairs at the ground, with the legs of 1 sticking up. Tony can’t take care of the theory of Sami seeking to impale Kotto with a operating Razor’s Edge so Brazil slips out and will get two off a Code Red. Kotto takes him up best for an excellent hurricanrana however Sami counters into an excellent Jackknife. Get Outta Here is excellent for the pin on Brazil at 10:17.

Result: Sami Callihan b. Kotto Brazil – Get Outta Here (10:17)

Brian Pillman Jr., Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart are in Calgary and truly don’t care to respond to any questions from web media whilst losing more than a few Brian Pillman references (together with a pencil reference). Davey refers to them as the brand new Hart Foundation and threatens the cameraman.

Konnan says there’s not anything up with him chatting with Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. as a result of they’re simply pals. Low Ki is available in and says he doesn’t purchase it. It can be in Konnan’s best possible pastime to thoughts his personal trade. They get started talking Spanish and tensions are prime.

Middleweight Title: Joey Janela vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Friedman is protecting and that is Falls Count Anywhere, which means Janela can leap him within the again for 2 sooner than they’re ever within the area. Janela drags him into mentioned area by means of the headband however Friedman drops him face first onto a desk for 2. Tony thinks the violent nature of the fit advantages Janela. Rich: “Why’s that?” Tony: “Because he’s nuts!”

Friedman’s arm will get despatched right into a chair and Joey knocks it right into a chair for excellent measure. Janela’s female friend Aria Blake smiles so much as Friedman will get superkicked right into a pile of chairs. Back up and Friedman hides in the back of her, which in fact is sufficient for him to sucker Janela in. They get within for the primary time with Friedman stomping at the arm and slamming him into the mat for 2.

We hit the chinlock so it’s time to plug WarGames. Janela’s comeback doesn’t remaining lengthy as Friedman knees him within the ribs and we take a ruin. Back with Janela hitting a double stomp off the apron onto a chair for 2 and dragging Friedman up the aisle. One heck of a low blow cuts Janela down once more however he’s advantageous sufficient to backdrop Friedman. Janela stops to invite Aria for a kiss despite the fact that and she or he clocks him with a bottle, giving Friedman the protecting pin at 10:19.

Result: Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Joey Janela – Pin after Aria Blake hit Janela with a bottle (10:19)

Post fit Friedman kisses Blake, a lot to Bocchini’s misery.

Callihan has hijacked a digicam and says he is aware of who he needs on his WarGames staff. It’s Jimmy Havoc, who, after agreeing to by no means speak about Mexico once more, needs to be bought at the fit just a little. Sami explains the fit by means of pronouncing there will likely be 5 folks locked in a cage for him to harm. Havoc is open to negotiations over beverages. He will be the proper name for a place like that.

The Stud Stable comes as much as Team Filthy to speak about them ruining Colonel Parker’s hat. Parker needs a fit set for later, despite the fact that Team Filthy needs to ensure the Stable will likely be dressed in pants. Lawlor warns them to Google Team Filthy and to find out what they’re all about. Apparently the fit will likely be a Dojo Challenge, with main points to be introduced.

Konnan talks to Pentagon Jr./Rey Fenix, who rip up their Promociones Dorado contracts and depart with him.

Havoc is bureaucratic for WarGames.

Kevin Sullivan tells Brian Pillman Jr. not to go along with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Pillman says he likes the ones guys however Sullivan throws the cameraman out.

Teddy Hart vs. John Hennigan

The winner will get a World Title shot. The fanatics are in the back of Hart all through the entrances however appear happy with John as he poses. Feeling out procedure to begin and we hit the dueling chants. Johnny spins out of a wristlock however you don’t ask Teddy to get right into a flipping contest. A springboard moonsault right into a wristlock will get Teddy out however Johnny lands on his ft as a result of his stability is unbelievable. Johnny sweeps him down right into a chinlock however Teddy rolls him down right into a legbar.

Hart bails to the ground and steps to the aspect sooner than Johnny can check out a turn dive. Back in and Johnny rankings with a superkick to ship Teddy outdoor. Of path that implies a large corkscrew dive, adopted by means of a slingshot elbow to present Johnny two. A great Samoan drop connects because the fanatics assume Johnny sucks. Johnny: “Don’t tell me what your mama does for money fat boy!”

Teddy flips over Johnny within the nook, walks on his again and will get two off a candy Code Red. A great Canadian Destroyer will get two extra so Teddy springboards right into a moonsault to the ground. Johnny is sat in a chair and one heck of an uppercut knocks each him and mentioned chair backwards. Back in and a slingshot piledriver (precisely what it seems like) units up an Arabian Press however Johnny will get the knees up.

The slugout is going to Hennigan and an excellent Spanish Fly is excellent for 2 extra. Hennigan’s sliding German suplex drops Teddy on his head and Starship Pain will get an excessively shut two. Countdown to Impact misses so Teddy vegetation him with an implant DDT. A best rope corkscrew Lionsault connects for a similar, with Tony chastising Hart for no longer hooking a leg. How Monsoon of him. Now the fanatics are extra in the back of Johnny, together with as he sits down on a sundown turn for the short pin at 14:56.

Result: John Hennigan b. Teddy Hart – Cradle (14:56)

If you just like the sound of this display, test it out in complete proper right here.

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