Mackenzie Dern unnoticed weight by way of seven pounds for her bout towards Amanda Cooper at UFC 224, a pass over that resulted in the fighter to be fined 30% of her combat purse.

The Brazilian won the bout by means of first round submission and got a win bonus as a result, alternatively 15% of that also went to the defeated Cooper.

“I’m not surprised. She got 30 percent of the purse, which was my penalty — usually it’s only 20 percent, but because I was so much heavier it went up to 30 percent,” Dern said on The MMA Hour. “I think she was confident in the fight. I think she thought she was going to win and everything. If I was confident and I was getting 30 percent and we were giving her an extra 15 percent too — if I won I would give her 15 percent of the bonus extra too — I would have accepted the fight too. I was hoping she would. I was really grateful she accepted the fight,”

After all the craziness surrounding the unnoticed weight at UFC 224, one thing Dern is promising is that she won’t be missing weight anymore.

“I want to stay at strawweight. Hopefully, with the help of UFC Performance Institute it will be a lot easier and it will all be under control. If they told me, ‘It’s not good for you to fight at 115’, then I would go to 125. I’ve made 115 before, three times, so I think it’s a better weight for me. I can guarantee [that I won’t miss weight again],” she said.

Dern did get rewarded by way of the UFC for a success at UFC 224 while overweight on account of she was once as soon as located throughout the strawweight division perfect rankings, sitting at #15.

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