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Lana’s Rule For Fans

It was a rough night for SmackDown Live’s Lana last night. She teamed with Tamina in a losing effort against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, and the Richmond, West Virginia, crowd were heard chanting “You Can’t Wrestle” to the Ravishing Russian. In a series of tweets last night, she did delete one that originally stated:

“Come at me with your ignorant pathetic villager tweets & I’ll CRUSH your pathetic soul! WIN or LOSE I AM STILL RAVISHING!”

The other tweets she has yet to delete called fans “cowards” who hide behind their iPhones and tweet negativity towards her. She said these are the same people who would still ask her for an autograph or picture. Likely sticking to kayfabe, Lana says she will no longer abide to fans’ requests.

Carmella on New “Total Divas” Season

The new upcoming season of E!’s Total Divas will feature three new female superstars: Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella. To promote the new season, Carmella chatted with Muscle and Fitness: Hers about the new opportunities in the WWE including Total Divas. Speaking about hanging out more with fellow SmackDown Live superstars Natalya and Naomi, Carmella said,

“I mean, we’re actually always all together on the road, so you know it wouldn’t hurt to just add a camera in front of us. I’m excited because I think this is such an amazing time for the women in the WWE and female wrestlers in general. There’s so much going on in women’s wrestling right now, and I was just excited to kind of show what we do and what we’re all about and I know that Total Divas is about six seasons now and there’s Total Bellas and everything. So I’m excited to kind of share, you know, my story and what I am all about here in the WWE.”

“It’s definitely not something I’m used to. Being a WWE superstar, I mean…there’s a difference between Carmella on Smackdown Live and Carmella in real life. But, I mean I guess that is what you sign up for when doing a reality show. So, you know, one of the struggles I’m facing this season is a real-life struggle, with my boyfriend Big Cass, who’s on Raw, and I’m on Smackdown. So, you know, we see each other one day a week if we’re lucky. Sometimes we have to go a few weeks without seeing each other, sometimes we’re traveling on different, separate tours, to different countries. But, I mean, it is what it is, so there’s nothing we can do about it, we make do and we make the most of our time together that we do get. So again that is something that we struggle with, and I’m excited because I think you can kind of get to know us because we’ve been very private with our relationship, a lot of people don’t realize we’ve been together for almost four years. So, I’m excited for people to kind of get to know us and see, you know, what we’re all about.”

The start date for Total Divas hasn’t been announced, but it will air this fall. While Carmella, Bliss, and Jax enter the next season, fans will no longer see Eva Marie, Paige and Renee Young as main characters on the E! program.

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