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John Cena has his eye on the role of Vince McMahon if the much talked about biopic on the WWE Chairman’s life is produced.

Though the McMahon biopic has recently achieved some publicity, there’s still no guarantee it will be produced. Nevertheless, Cena reportedly had a chance to read the script, titled Pandemonium, and liked what he saw. He recently spoke about it on the Playback podcast with Variety.

“I love the story. The words jump off the page. I certainly know and admire the man, he’s literally one of my heroes. He’s a friend, a father a mentor. Whoever does that, they have a wonderfully crafted challenge in front of them. Because he is one of a kind.”

While Cena would certainly give the film some star power, if it were to be made, I can’t help but believe it would be a poor casting choice from a creative standpoint. One of the keys to a biopic being a success is having an actor playing the key role that allows the audience to become immersed in the film. The idea that anyone watching the film could be fully immersed while watching Cena play McMahon is a bit of a stretch. His face is far too associated with the world of wrestling. It’d be like having Tom Brady play Roger Goodell in a biopic of the NFL’s commissioner.

Will the McMahon biopic eventually be produced? It’s hard to say right now. Linda McMahon recently told GV Wire that she doesn’t think the film will see the light of day. However, it was announced last month that TriStar Pictures did acquire the rights to make the film, with the McMahon and WWE’s blessing.

You can listen to John Cena discuss the film on the Playback podcast in the player below. It starts at 27:30.

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