16-time World Champion John Cena was a customer on ESPN where he discussed his position with WWE, explaining that he is far from carried out with the company.

Cena is a busy man. With a few showing roles at once, a information set to be introduced and all the relationship with Nikki Bella, Cena doesn’t have as so much time as he used to for wrestling.

In whole, that’s what Cena had to say on his wrestling longer term:

“I’m far from done with the WWE. The WWE will always be my home, but in this current state of affairs right now with all this extra cool stuff that’s going on, it’s fun to try. It’s a great time to be able to take a chance and I’m so eternally grateful to the WWE and its audience for bringing me to this point. I realize I’d be nowhere without them and I never forget them. I promise as soon as I have any sort of downtime, like I had when I was at the Greatest Royal Rumble and the string of shows I did before WrestleMania, anytime free time I get will not be free, it will be spent at my home in the WWE.”

It will probably be eye-catching to seem how Cena continues combining the entire thing in conjunction with his stressful schedule. The man deserves a medal with all that he does.

Check out Cena take on Edge once more in 2009:

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