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Randy Orton WWE Live Event Hiatus

It looks like former WWE World Champion Randy Orton will be taking some time off after losing his title at Sunday’s Backlash. According to WWE advertising, Orton is not scheduled for any house shows until June 5th.

But, it does look like he will be working SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights, at least according to the company’s website.

Canadian Lawmaker Recognizes Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title Win

Well, it looks like some folks in Canada are proud of native son Jinder Mahal and his WWE Title win as Sunday’s Backlash.

Graham Sucha, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Shaw, took time to recognize Jinder Mahal’s title win and congratulate him.

“I think I speak for all of ‘Albertans’ when I’d like to congratulate this talented wrestler from Calgary on his championship win.”

Jinder Mahal Wants Cena To Legitimize Him

Speaking of the new WWE Champion, Mahal thinks that one thing will really cement him and get fans to recognize him as a legitimate world champion.

“I see Randy and A.J. Styles (as opponents), but I’m hoping for Cena when he gets back (from hiatus). I know some people don’t see me as championship material. I haven’t fully gotten their confidence. Beating someone like Cena would solidify me in their eyes as champion.”

I don’t know if Mahal’s reign will last that long, and even if it does, I am pretty sure he won’t be beating Super Cena.

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