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Jim Cornette vs Santino Marella

Jim Cornette just can’t seem to keep his name out of the headlines; some of us are starting to think it’s on purpose. Earlier today at a convention at the Cobo Center in Detroit, former WWE star Santino Marella confronted Cornette. This face off resulted in an argument between the two, and Cornette then packed up his stuff and left. The video below does have some parts with explicit language

Cornette and Santino at Cobo

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Not surprisingly, when the news broke, Cornette took to Twitter to make light of the situation.

I am sure he will have more to say about things on his podcast in the near future.

Nattie Talks Facing Charlotte At HIAC

During a recent interview, SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya gave her thoughts on facing Charlotte at tomorrow’s WWE Hell In A Cell.

“I think about all of the incredible women I’ve competed against and I would put Charlotte Flair on top of the list of my favorite opponents. At the same time, the tables have turned. In the past, Charlotte was always the ‘bad guy’ facing me and was always the champion. Now she’s turned over a new leaf and the tables have turned. I’m the champion. It’s my house. It’s going to be interesting to see her prove to herself and to the entire WWE universe that she can hang with me. There’s probably no other women in this industry I respect more than Charlotte, but she’s going to have to show me why she’s fit to be champion.”

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