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In a move that shocked many, Global Force Wrestling announced earlier today that Jeff Jarrett will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company and stepping down as the promotion’s Chief Creative Officer. It was originally cited that the absence was for personal reasons on Jarrett’s part.

Effective immediately, Jeff Jarrett is taking an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Chief Creative Officer to focus on personal matters. Jeff will be available on a consultative basis as needed.

Jarrett had been scheduled to wrestle Alberto El Patron at Bound For Glory, but obviously now, those plans have been nixed…at least for the time being.

As the day has worn on, though, more has come out about this story.

It’s being reported now that Ed Nordholm was unhappy with Jarrett’s “erratic behavior” as of late and that was the leading factor in the decision to basically remove Jarrett from his position. One instance in particular was at last weekend’s AAA TripleMania, where Jarrett did not look his best, stumbled to the ring, and acted unprofessionally by throwing tortilla chips at the audience.

Backstage incidents with Jarrett at Impact tapings, including a shouting match with Bob Ryder, also played a part in the decision. It’s said things have been escalating for months.

There’s no word now as to who will be stepping into Jarrett’s role. Also, reportedly, the GFW/Anthem merger is nowhere near complete, so if Jarrett doesn’t return to the company, we could see the Global Force Wrestling titles, name, logo, etc. disappear from Impact Wrestling, especially since Jarrett and GFW own licenses and trademarks associated with the promotion.

We will keep everyone updated on this situation as more information comes to light.

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