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The drama never seems to end with Impact Wrestling, no matter what initials they have added to their name during any given week. It’s being reported that there will be some departure news coming from the company, with many on the roster leaving the promotion. Talent is apparently upset that they aren’t getting their calls returned from Anthem management these days, and this isn’t helping the morale in the company.

The first to go is Robbie E. He announced his departure via Twitter this morning, with Impact responding shortly thereafter.

Low-Ki’s contract is up soon, and we’ve reported on his leaving the company, and Eddie Kingston’s contract is up soon, as well.

It looks like more changes are coming, also. Despite Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, being the home of Impact for years, it appears that the company is focused on running other markets when they do television tapings. Anthem is reportedly looking at places like NYC, Chicago, and even Toronto for future tapings in 2018. That seems rather odd, especially given that Impact hasn’t tested the waters with running house shows to see how ticket sales would go in any market. It’s a well known fact that they’ve given away tickets for the tapings for free at The Impact Zone in Orlando for years.

Since Jeff Jarrett’s departure, John Gaburick has been filling his shoes when it comes to creative and dealing with the talent. Ed Nordholm has apparently taken a much reduced role in the daily running of the promotion.

Also, as we saw on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, the GFW logo and initials have been removed from the opening of the show and the logo. It looks like the promotion is simply going with Impact Wrestling from here on out.

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