Impact Wrestling
Date: August 30, 2018
Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

Tonight is the Redefined display, which might imply a number of issues. We’ll be getting a couple of identify suits, together with Su Yung protecting the Knockouts Title towards Tessa Blanchard and Allie, in conjunction with Fenix difficult for the X-Division Title. I’m certain there might be some extra with Eddie Edwards/Moose vs. Austin Aries/Killer Kross as neatly. Let’s get to it.

Here are closing week’s effects if you wish to have a recap.

We open with a recap of the 2 identify suits plus the Edwards vs. Aries feud.

Opening series.

X-Division Title: Brian Cage vs. Fenix

Fenix is protecting and has Pentagon Jr. with him. Some early flips stay Fenix clear of Cage till a drop toehold units up a 619 from the champ. Fenix tries some springboards however will get his head taken off with a clothesline. Another springboard is damaged up and a behind schedule apron superplex has Fenix in much more hassle.

Fenix after all rankings with some kicks to the face however Cage runs him all over again with out a lot effort. More kicks simply get Fenix tossed onto the ramp however he manages a Lethal Injection onto the ramp for a breather. A Swanton will get two however Cage hits his personal superkick and a opposite Death Valley Driver. The fanatics are already at the FIGHT FOREVER chants.

Fenix monkey flips him right into a double stomp for 2 extra however springboards into an F5. More kicks ship Cage out of doors however he reverses a suicide dive right into a suplex at the flooring. Back from a smash with Cage getting annoyed and Fenix kicking him within the head once more. That simply earns Fenix a diving heart rope DDT and so they’re each down. Another superkick rocks Cage…however he shrugs it off and superbombs Fenix to retain at

Result: Brian Cage b. Fenix – Superbomb (16:53)

Post fit OVE is available in for the beatdown however Cage makes the save.

Recap of Moose returning closing week and saving Edwards from Kross and Aries.

Scarlett Bordeaux charms her well past safety.

Classic Clip of the Week: Drew Galloway debuts in January 2015.

Impact is coming to Mexico.

We have a look at the OGz working over a child closing week to get at LAX.

King yells on the OGz for feeling sympathy concerning the child. Someone calls King and he leaves.

We recap the Knockouts Title fit, which is Allie looking to get revenge on Yung for all of her assaults on Allie’s pals. Tessa is right here as a result of she needs to be champion.

Tessa isn’t feeling drive as a result of she’s a Blanchard. That method you wish to have one thing even though, and that’s why she’s successful the identify this night.

Here’s Eli Drake for a talk. Eli has had the Cult of Lee following him round for the previous few weeks. They’re by no means going to be pals and Drake sought after to peer what took place closing week once they were given in over their heads. Cue Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell, the fellows who beat the Cult of Lee closing week. They’re now not somewhat able to be stars but as a result of they’ve another take a look at. After pausing to hear the THEY ARE DUMMIES chant, Drake says one among them has to stand him this night. Atlantis volunteers so Drake says he’ll face Tidwell.

Eli Drake vs. Brandon Tidwell

Gravy Train in 24 seconds.

Result: Eli Drake b. Brandon Tidwell – Gravy Train (0:24)

Atlantis takes a Gravy Train of his personal.

Moose and Edwards are able for revenge.

Impact. Mexico. Still going down.

Knockouts Title: Su Yung vs. Allie vs. Tessa Blanchard

Yung is protecting and has the Undead Bridesmaids whilst Allie has Kiera Hogan. Tessa hits them each within the face however Allie snaps off a Backstabber to take over. Allie clotheslines Tessa to make her DDT Yung however the champ pops again up for a staredown with Tessa. That earns Yung a shot from Allie however Tessa takes her down right into a leglock.

Yung is again up for an armbar on Allie on the similar time however ropes are grabbed in brief order. Tessa press slams Yung onto the Bridesmaids however will get suplexed into the nook to provide Allie two. Allie superkicks Tessa into the Mandible Claw however takes one herself a couple of seconds later. A slam will get Allie out of hassle however Tessa rolls her up for the pin (with trunks) and the identify at 6:21. Tessa seems stunned that she received.

Result: Tessa Blanchard b. Allie and Su Yung – Rollup with a handful of trunks (6:21)

In the again, Tessa says she knew she may do it and proved it. Come check out her to peer how difficult a diamond can also be.

Gama Singh beats up the Desi Hit Squad for failing.

Aries and Kross promise ache for Moose and Edwards. They’ve grew to become the entirety the other way up and no person is secure.

LAX isn’t proud of the child being run over. Konnan tells them to maintain the child’s circle of relatives however will get a telephone name from any individual he calls sir and leaves. LAX isn’t certain what to suppose however they’re now not glad.

Mexico phase 3.

It’s time for the Smoke Show with Grado, Katarina and Joe Hendry. Scarlett means that there’s one thing between Katarina and Hendry however Joe says it’s now not true. They’ll have a tag fit subsequent week and Hendry’s tune will make things better. Scarlett whispers one thing to Grado and the water shoots out of his bottle. Katarina isn’t glad and the fellows run off, leaving her to yell at Scarlett.

Petey Williams vs. Rich Swann

Swann is going directly to the dancing to begin and throws in some splits for just right measure. Petey sends him out of doors however comes again in with the slingshot Codebreaker. Swann flips over him and rankings with a dropkick, simplest to be despatched out of doors in a heap. Back from a smash with O CANADA however Swann avoids a fee within the nook.

A pinfall reversal series provides them two every till Petey pulls him down for a Sharpshooter strive. That’s damaged up as neatly and Swann hits a Falcon Arrow for 2 extra. Swann misses the center rope Phoenix splash however slips out of the Canadian Destroyer. Another pinfall reversal series provides them two every and Swann this the working capturing celebrity for the pin at 10:20.

Result: Rich Swann b. Petey Williams – Running capturing celebrity press (10:20)

The announcers speak about Konnan it appears having a chairman.

Swann needs the X-Division Title when Matt Sydal is available in to mention Swann doesn’t know what he’s in for. As Sydal gives his lend a hand, Moose is located with the X image subsequent to him.

Austin Aries/Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards

No Moose. Kross begins for the group and vegetation Eddie with an early spinebuster. Aries is available in for a kick to the again of the pinnacle however Eddie is again with some kicks of his personal. A working kick can’t knock Kross off the apron so Eddie kicks Aries to the ground. Kross cuts him off even though and Aries takes all over again. The villains take turns kicking and stomping away however Aries takes an excessive amount of time going up.

The Backpack Stunner out of the nook provides Eddie a breather and a Blue Thunder Bomb will get two. Kross will get knocked out of doors and Eddie drops Aries with a suicide dive. With Aries again in, Kross suplexes Eddie at the flooring to take him down once more. Back in and a tiger bomb vegetation Aries however right here’s the taped up Moose to snatch Aries by means of the throat….after which spear Eddie. The referee will get thrown out and we’ll name it a no contest at 7:40.

Result: Austin Aries/Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards went to a no contest when Moose threw the referee out (7:40)

Post fit Moose chairs Eddie. Alisha runs out to yell and slap Moose, who glares at her to finish the display.

Brian Cage b. Fenix – Superbomb
Tessa Blanchard b. Su Yung and Allie – Rollup with trunks to Allie
Rich Swann b. Petey Williams – Running capturing celebrity press
Austin Aries/Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards went to a no contest when Moose threw the referee out

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