Darren Young is set to make his return to the company really soon. You all remember Darren Young right? He was one half of The Prime Time Players with Titus O’Neil, which I thought was one great tag team. Although he isn’t the greatest wrestler, he isn’t half bad either. We last saw him as a student of Bob Backlund, working hard and doing things the right way. He injured his elbow back in January and has been off our television screens ever since.

With a return nearing, one has to wonder how Young should be booked and portrayed in his return. It doesn’t make sense to pair him back with Backlund, but he could be used in another form.

Young is on the Raw brand, which is loaded with star studded talent. To get television time there, you have to do something impressive and shocking at the same time. Do something that draws ratings and garners attention for yourself. For Young to do that, he must turn on and destroy Bob Backlund.

It sounds harsh and inhumane in a way, but it makes perfect sense. Backlund is a sixty-seven year old man who isn’t physically the same as he was back in his prime. He may can defend himself, but not like a thirty-three year old Darren Young could. Young turning on Backlund would make the crowd feel uncomfortable, sad, and even disgusted at the sight before their eyes. So how should he do it?

Start out with Young making a surprise return to Monday Night Raw with Backlund by his side. They can do the skit where Backlund proclaims he’s going to make Darren Young great again. This is when Young turns on Backlund, hitting him with heavy shots and kicks. Young grabs a chair and hits Backlund across the back. As the crowd stares at the motionless body of Backlund, they will also see the sinister grin on Young’s face. A new heel is born, one with nothing to lose.

Young’s success after that moment determines how he performs in the ring and cut promos. Start him off against a Heath Slater or a Rhyno, a low-card babyface that can help put someone over. Eventually this will lead up to him getting a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. It may be puzzling, but if Young can put in the work then he definitely deserves a shot at the Intercontinental Championship.

Jinder Mahal winning the WWE Championship has opened the door for so many others. Mahal went from jobber to champ in a blink of an eye. If he can do it, then Young has the chance to do it too. Just put in the time and the work, then anything is possible.

Darren Young has had his fair share of success within the company. He is a former Tag Team Champion and knows what it’s like to perform in big time matches. The ability is there, he just needs the opportunity. Attacking his mentor could create just the perfect opportunity. Young as a heel will be a little fresh thing to help keep the fans interested and may get the notice of the powers that be. I wish Young all the best during his return to the WWE.

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