Ringside News in recent times published what quantity of money WWE Superstars make competing at each house show throughout the week.

WWE Superstars are asked to pay their own side road expenses. While this doesn’t add up to a lot of money, it nevertheless comes out of their paycheck.

With the scoop that WWE signed SmackDown Live to FOX for $1 billion, many are asking if the paychecks for people on the roster will beef up.

Dave Meltzer commented on this very issue on Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this week. Here is what he had to say:

“The way that they do things you are paid on the house. Which is ridiculous now. I mean it’s been ridiculous for 10 years. Yeah, I mean it’s completely ridiculous now. I mean the house is not the revenue stream.”

“What percentage is fair for them to get? I mean I don’t know if 50% is fair I mean 8% sounds awful low to me and that’s what they’re getting. With this kind of money, it probably makes it down to 5% unless they get what they’re gonna get.”

If SmackDown Live does move to Friday nights, this may be able to knock out each and every different house show for the roster, that implies the facility would earn a lot much less each and every week.

Ringside News did a simple calculation on how hard this might be for the facility, to put it in standpoint. If the average WWE ticket is $75 and they advertise 3,000 tickets on affordable consistent with show, it results in kind of $225,000 consistent with show. When best 8% of that money is divided spherical everybody who works the show, it doesn’t pass away so much for the contest.

Check out NXT Champion Aleister Black returning to The Netherlands during a up to the moment house show:

[This post contains video, click to play]

What are your concepts on being attentive to this?

With H/T to Ringside News for the transcription.

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