The WWE Universe was pleasantly surprised to see Rey Mysterio return to WWE for the 2018 Royal Rumble Match. A lot of people were disappointed his appearance was only a one-off. Shortly afterward, he returned to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling and will be ‘All In’ this September. However, there’s still a chance Mysterio will return to WWE.

Wrestling Observer Live has reported that WWE officials are talking with Rey about his return to the company. There’s some speculation that he could be for Summerslam in August. Dave Meltzer claims that Mysterio’s schedule is full through the summer, so it’s more likely he could return to the company in September after he’s ‘All In’ in Chicago.

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Something could be worked out, but it seems WWE officials want to lock Mysterio down for a long-term deal. It would only be on a part-time basis, but having Rey back inside a WWE ring on a regular basis should greatly help the company. The most obvious option is to put him on 205 Live. Most fans would expect it, but there’s plenty of other options.

During the first brand extension, Rey Mysterio was a key guy for SmackDown Live. The WWE Universe would be ecstatic to see Mysterio work with Shinsuke Nakamura, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and more inside a WWE ring. There are dream matchups for Mysterio on Raw as well. in fact, he could be better suited in a “free agent” role like John Cena.

Could “The Master of the 619’s” greatest moment be coming soon:

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There’s no guarantee that Rey will sign a contract with the company. He might be more comfortable wrestling one-off matches or working without a contract like Chris Jericho does. Either way, the WWE Universe will take as much Rey Mysterio as they can get.

Who’s your dream opponent for Rey Mysterio?

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