Hell in a Cell 2018
Date: September 16, 2018
Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton

Welcome to the primary display of the 3 that WWE is these days construction. In this example we’ve the display designed round carnage and that would imply a couple of issues. The display hasn’t precisely blown me away on paper however possibly they’ll wonder me right here. There are two fits within the giant pink cage this night so let’s get to it.

Kickoff Show: Smackdown Tag Team Titles: Rusev Day vs. New Day

Rusev Day is protecting after successful a match. Kofi wastes no time in double stomping English and it’s already off to Rusev. A fall away slam has Kofi in bother and we cross break up display screen to look an Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey advert. Back with Kofi preventing out of a entrance facelock and hitting a twister DDT for the tag off to Big E. Suplexes abound however Rusev tags himself in to kick Big E. within the head.

English tags himself again in regardless that, leaving Big E. to spear the unlawful guy to the ground with English nailing a dive. Back in and the opposite DDT will get two on Big E. however English takes too lengthy going up, permitting New Day to hit a powerbomb/best rope double stomp for 2 (which doesn’t end) in what will have been the finishing.

Kofi will get Machka Kicked to the ground and Big E. will get DDT’ed at the apron. Back in and English tags himself in once more, this time to Rusev’s annoyance. The annoyance will get even worse when misses a best rope headbutt. English’s best rope splash will get two and he grabs the Accolade of all issues. Big E. will get Machka Kicked once more however Kofi slips out. With Rusev lacking a rate and sending himself out of doors, Trouble in Paradise keeps the titles at 8:48.

Result: New Day b. Rusev Day – Trouble in Paradise to English (8:48)

The opening video talks about folks being afraid of various issues, which doesn’t have essentially the most have an effect on when it’s Brie Bella and Maryse. Tonight there’s no turning again and also you should give up to evil.

The pink Cell is decreased.

Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

Inside the Cell. Orton is again to being the Legend Killer however this time it’s extra the Hero Killer, with Hardy being his first goal. Hardy is going proper after him to begin as Phillips says there are not any laws rather then the pinfall or submission has to happen within the ring. That feels like a rule to me. Orton takes him out of doors and sends him into the cage however Hardy does the very same factor.

It’s already time for a desk however that’s now not sufficient both so in fact it’s ladder time. A ladder to the ribs slows Orton down much more however a chair to the again cuts Hardy off. An RKO at the flooring is blocked and Hardy makes use of the chair as a release pad for Poetry in Motion towards the cage. They in truth get again in for Hardiac Arrest however the Swanton is damaged up and that suggests a superplex.

Jeff kicks him down once more and let’s get a 2d ladder as a result of why now not. Hardy units this one up the other way up at the flooring however will get entrance suplexed onto it as a substitute. Some extra chairs are introduced within with certainly one of them bouncing off of Jeff. Orton hits him a couple of extra occasions ahead of stealing Hardy’s studded belt for a whip to the uncovered again. To get slightly inventive, Orton places Hardy within a ladder with Hardy’s head sticking between some rungs for slightly stomping.

We hit the chinlock, which feels totally misplaced within the Cell. Hardy is correct again up with the legdrop between the legs and a basement dropkick however Orton powerslams him. With not anything else operating, Orton is going out of doors and reveals….a screwdriver. That is going THROUGH THE HOLE IN HARDY’S EAR, which Orton then TWISTS AROUND. A low blow shall we Hardy take the screwdriver out of his ear and he unloads with a chair.

Orton continues to be nice sufficient to crotch Hardy on best and the striking DDT (with Orton bleeding from the again) vegetation Hardy once more. The RKO is countered into the Twist of Fate and a Swanton onto the chair will get two. And such a lot for Hardy’s probability of successful, regardless that there was once no means that was once the finishing anyway. Hardy reveals any other desk however units up the large ladder with the small ladder subsequent to it.

Orton will get laid at the desk and Hardy climbs up, best to seize the highest of the Cell. A couple of swings from side to side arrange the splash during the desk, regardless that it appeared that Orton was once off the desk ahead of Jeff even let cross. They carry the Cell with the referee screaming for medics and for the fit to be stopped. Orton covers Hardy and calls for a rely because the referee loses his thoughts, regardless that he’s nice sufficient to rely the pin at 24:50.

Result: Randy Orton b. Jeff Hardy – Hardy ignored a dash from the roof of the Cell (24:50)

Post fit we get the quiet voices and the loss of Orton’s tune. Replays display that Orton was once off the desk a excellent two seconds ahead of Jeff dropped.

HHH vs. Undertaker continues to be taking place once more.

AJ Styles desires to battle Samoa Joe as a result of he’s ill of speaking at all times.

We recap Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch. Charlotte was once added to the Women’s Title fit final month at Summerslam and Becky wasn’t glad at having her identify shot stolen from her. Becky grew to become on her after the fit however the enthusiasts cheered her on anyway, so this night it’s in regards to the identify for her and revenge for Charlotte.

Smackdown Women’s Title: Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Charlotte is protecting. They hit the mat to begin however Becky kicks her away for a wary standoff. It’s means too early for both finisher so Charlotte settles for a knee crusher and a leglock. Back up and Charlotte misses a shoulder into the nook so Becky hits a operating forearm to the shoulder (great) from the apron. A Pentagon arm snap will get two and it’s off to the armbar.

The Bexploder is blocked so Becky forearms her down for 2 as a substitute. Back up and Charlotte sends her to the apron however bangs up her arm once more. The dangerous arm is going shoulder first into the apron for 2 extra so Charlotte will get good via kicking her within the face. Becky avoids the moonsault regardless that and the move armbreaker is going on. Since she’s Charlotte, that’s reversed into the sitout powerbomb they usually’re each down.

The enthusiasts cheer for Becky and appear happy when she wins a slugout. A hammerlock slam will get two however Charlotte grabs a desperation Boston crab. The Disarm-Her is going on so Charlotte crawls beneath the ropes for the eventual damage. Back up and the spear is reversed right into a small bundle to present Becky the pin and the identify at 13:52.

Result: Becky Lynch b. Charlotte – Small bundle (13:52)

Post fit Charlotte gives a handshake however Becky holds up the identify and says that is her second.

The Marine 6 is coming, that includes Miz, Becky Lynch and Shawn Michaels.

Connor’s Cure video.

Jeff Hardy has been taken to a neighborhood scientific facility.

Kickoff Show recap.

New Day has their pancake butler are available to have fun however Kofi pops up as his interviewer. They’re able to protect their titles towards the Bar in Australia however first, pancakes.

Raw Tag Team Titles: Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre vs. Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins

Ambrose and Rollins are difficult and the BURN IT DOWN is robust this time. Feeling out procedure to begin between Ziggler and Rollins with Seth taking him down and handing it off to Ambrose for some operating elbows. An early Stomp strive sends Ziggler bailing to the ground so it’s off to McIntyre as a substitute. He desires and receives Ambrose who is going head to head with Drew ahead of dropkicking his knee out.

A Ziggler distraction shall we McIntyre hit Ambrose from in the back of regardless that and it’s off to Ziggler for a chinlock. That lasts so long as your reasonable chinlock and Rollins is correct again up with the Sling Blade. Another distraction shall we Ziggler hit the operating DDT for any other two and McIntyre is available in for an armbar. Ziggler grabs the sleeper ahead of it’s proper again to McIntyre for a shoulder breaker. Rollins fights up and will get to the nook however the referee is distracted so the recent tag doesn’t rely.

Ziggler places Rollins up best however will get kicked away so McIntyre tries his success. That’s now not the most efficient both as Rollins ratings with a Blockbuster and the recent tag brings in Ambrose. He can’t suplex McIntyre however he can get two off a Jackknife rollup as a substitute. Ziggler comes again in and takes Ambrose to the apron the place McIntyre will get in a large boot. Everything breaks down and Ambrose will get suplexed laborious into the nook for a crash.

That’s sufficient for the double sizzling tag to Rollins and Ziggler however Rollins’ suicide dive is stuck. Ambrose dives onto all 3 of them for the large crash and everyone seems to be down at the flooring. Back in and Rollins will get two off the Falcon Arrow, adopted via a Buckle Bomb for a similar. McIntyre is available in to ship Dean out of doors so Rollins can seize an O’Connor Roll for 2 with Ziggler snapping off the Zig Zag for 2 of his personal. Cole: “WHAT A SEQUENCE!”

McIntyre is again in once more and will get dropped simply as rapid, permitting Rollins to hit the frog splash for a good closer fall. A Tower of Doom is damaged up and Rollins tries a dive onto Ziggler, best to crash laborious to the ground. Since it’s Rollins he’s again up only some seconds later to tags himself in for the operating up the nook superplex. The Falcon Arrow is loaded up however McIntyre hits the Claymore to present Ziggler the pin to retain at 22:58.

Result: Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre b. Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose – Claymore to Rollins (22:58)

Mick Foley is available in to inform Braun Strowman that his lifestyles will alternate within the Cell and Strowman must appreciate his authority. Strowman says rely the 3 and hand him the identify. Foley: “Good talk.”

All 4 groups are able for the primary episode of Mixed Match Challenge.

We recap Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles. Joe has been messing with AJ’s thoughts and guarantees to ship AJ house to his spouse and youngsters, sleeping. We get the entire Samoa Joe bedtime tale from Smackdown.

Smackdown World Title: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Joe is difficult. AJ is going proper at him to begin however Joe shrugs it off and begins hammering away. A dropkick works a lot better and a operating knee to the top rocks Joe once more. There’s a baseball slide to stay Joe down however he’s good sufficient to roll away ahead of the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ’s slingshot will get kicked out of the air regardless that and Joe sends him knees first into the stairs.

Joe doesn’t take smartly to a comeback bid and will get his knee taken out once more. Another operating knee within the nook has AJ reeling so Joe sends him out of doors for the suicide elbow. Back in and we hit the neck crank for a little bit till AJ fights up. That simply earns him an elbow that turns him within out because it’s all Joe. The somewhat cocky Joe will get stuck on best and pulled face first into the buckle regardless that and AJ in spite of everything has a breather.

The operating nook clothesline and a seated forearm give Styles two…and a fan tells Joe that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. AJ will get two extra off a moonsault opposite DDT however a Lionsault hits knees. Joe’s powerbomb into the Boston crab into the STF into the Crossface till AJ dives for the rope.

Somehow AJ is ok sufficient to hit the torture rack powerbomb for 2 they usually’re each finished. The springboard 450 will get two and Joe’s loopy laborious clothesline will get the similar. Neither finisher can attach so Joe is going with a noisy kick to the top for a behind schedule two. AJ is correct again up with the Phenomenal Forearm however Joe catches him within the Koquina Clutch, best to have AJ backflip into the pin at 19:01.

Result: AJ Styles b. Samoa Joe – Rollup (19:01)

Post fit Joe celebrates ahead of AJ is introduced because the winner. Joe says that AJ tapped and Graves consents. AJ kicks Joe down and holds up the identify because the announcers argue. The replay displays that AJ did faucet and it was once ahead of 3 so we’re virtually assured a rematch, which was once introduced weeks in the past.

Miz and Maryse, in matching fits, are able to care for Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Daniel and Brie are best related as a result of them and Miz wouldn’t be stunned if Brie is doing all this for the sake of truth display scores.

We recap the blended tag. Miz cheated to overcome Bryan at Summerslam so now we’re having a blended tag fit to proceed the feud with out giving up the large rematch. Which could also be happening in Australia and has already been introduced upfront.

Miz/Maryse vs. Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella

The girls get started however fortunately it’s off to the boys ahead of anything else occurs. A distraction from Maryse shall we Miz punch Bryan into the nook. Phillips: “Some people believe that Brie Bella has the hardest punch in WWE.” Graves: “No one believes that Phillips.” Bryan is again up with the moonsault over Miz into the operating clothesline however Miz bails to the ground at the specter of a YES Lock.

The girls come again in and as soon as once more tag again out ahead of anything else occurs. Again: thank goodness. The enthusiasts chant COWARD at Miz as Bryan takes him down with a dragon screw legwhip and a best rope hurricanrana places Miz in much more bother. The operating knee misses so Bryan settles for the YES Lock, drawing in Maryse for the save. Bryan is ok sufficient to hit the operating dropkicks within the nook till Miz avoids the general rate and drops Bryan on his hip.

The Reality Check offers Miz two as Brie is going into cheerleader mode, which is actually about as excellent of a job as she’s going to have. Miz fires off some kicks within the nook however Bryan breaks up the superplex. The Swan Dive misses so Bryan kicks Miz away and brings Brie in. Maryse gained’t do the similar so Brie punches Miz a couple of occasions and sends Maryse into the announcers’ desk.

Everything breaks down and Brie will get two off a center rope dropkick. Bryan will get again in and throws Miz down for touching his spouse at the save and we hit the stereo YES Kicks. Of path the large ones each omit and the fellows battle up the ramp, leaving Brie to hit the BRIE MODE knee. Miz will get again at the apron so Brie rams Maryse into him and grabs a rollup, best to have Maryse opposite right into a hideous certainly one of her personal with a seize of the tights for the pin at 13:01.

Result: Miz/Maryse b. Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella – Rollup to Bella with a handful of tights (13:01)

We take a look at the finishing of the primary Cell fit once more.

Hardy is now coughing up blood.

We recap Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss. Rousey was once ticked off that Bliss cashed in Money within the Bank so she went nuts and wrecked Bliss for the identify at Summerslam.

Raw Women’s Title: Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss

Rousey, with dangerous ribs, is protecting and has Natalya along with her whilst Bliss has Mickie James and Alicia Fox in her nook. An early headlock takes Bliss down and Rousey rather a lot up what looks as if a Stump Puller ahead of rolling again right into a cradle. Bliss comes to a decision to shove her and will get punched within the face for her efforts. A kick to the ribs has little impact as Rousey monkey flips her down and hammers away, adopted via the overhead throw.

James and Fox have to save lots of Bliss from the armbar so Rousey throws Bliss onto either one of them. Rousey: “Who needs enemies when you have friends like that?” Bliss in spite of everything journeys her down and kicks away much more, putting in place a seated stomach stretch. Rousey fights up for the swinging Samoan drop however the ribs give out, permitting Bliss to hit the knees to the ribs into the moonsault. The champ will get up once more and tries a superplex, best to get pulled down into the Tree of Woe for a dropkick to the ribs.

Another stomach stretch units up a ribs first whip into the buckle (I used to be anticipating the shoulder there so smartly finished on unexpected me) to stay Rousey in agony. The seconds assist a little bit so Natalya and Rousey beat them up, adopted via stereo crossbodies to place Rousey and Bliss down. Bliss unloads at the ribs…and there’s the Death Stare. Rousey powerbombs her down however fees right into a kick to the ribs. That’s about it for Bliss regardless that as Rousey blocks a proper hand and the Regal Roll/Samoan drop units up the armbar to retain at 12:02.

Result: Ronda Rousey b. Alexa Bliss – Armbar (12:02)

The announcers communicate in regards to the sufferers of Hurricane Florence.

We take a look at the finishing of Styles vs. Joe once more.

Joe yells on the referee and Paige, who tells Joe to loosen up. The rematch with AJ is about for Australia and there shall be no countouts or disqualifications.

Super Show-Down rundown. Egads get on with the principle tournament already.

We recap Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman. Reigns gained the Raw World Title at Summerslam and it’s now not like he had any individual else to stand. Strowman cashed in Money within the Bank however Shield reformed to take him out. Strowman is cashing in once more this night.

Raw World Title: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Reigns is protecting within the Cell with Mick Foley as visitor referee. Reigns slugs away on the bell however will get despatched shoulder first into the publish. A operating shoulder sends Reigns off the apron and into the cage as Reigns is in early bother. Reigns is correct again with a display to the face however any other shoulder sends him laborious into the cage. Strowman grabs the stairs however has them dropkicked again into his face.

That’s it for Reigns’ offense regardless that as Reigns dives right into a chokeslam onto the apron. Reigns is correct again with some chair photographs to the ribs, adopted via a DDT onto the chair for 2. A couple of Superman Punches rock Reigns however the 3rd is countered right into a chokeslam….for 3, which Foley calls two. That was once fairly the botch and beautiful obviously a 3 rely. Another Superman Punch will get any other two and it’s time for a desk.

Reigns sees Strowman up and runs across the ring at him however doesn’t see Strowman puck up the stairs, which leap off Reigns’ head. Strowman: “WHY WON’T YOU STAY DOWN YOU FOOL???” There’s a steps shot to the ribs and Strowman LAUNCHES them excessive. The operating powerslam will get two so Strowman units up the desk within the nook. Of path that earns him a spear during the desk, drawing out Ziggler, McIntyre, Rollins and Ambrose.

Since WWE can’t be aware of a couple of issues without delay, we watch the brawl at the flooring with Rollins and Ziggler preventing as much as the highest of the Cell. McIntyre follows them up and saves Ziggler from a foul case of loss of life. Cue Ambrose to the highest with a kendo stick with blank area, putting in place a number of punching from side to side. A double clothesline places all 4 down as Reigns and Strowman nonetheless haven’t moved.

Ziggler climbs down however Rollins follows him, that means it’s time to battle at the aspect of the Cell. We’re simply ready at the giant fall now and certainly there they cross, via a couple of announcers’ tables in essentially the most contrived spot of the evening. All six are down….and we’ve Brock Lesnar.

Brock kicks the door off the hinges (excellent visible) after which climbs up mentioned door to get within. Paul Heyman maces Foley and Lesnar hits each guys with items of the desk. Lesnar wrecks them some extra and offers Reigns an F5 onto Strowman. With Lesnar leaving, any other referee is available in and it’s a no contest at 23:48.

Result: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman went to a no contest when Brock Lesnar interfered (23:48)

The display is going off the air virtually straight away.

Randy Orton b. Jeff Hardy – Hardy ignored a dash via a desk
Becky Lynch b. Charlotte – Small bundle
Drew McIntyre/Dolph Ziggler b. Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins – Claymore to Rollins
AJ Styles b. Samoa Joe – Rollup
Maryse/Miz b. Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella – Rollup with tights to Bella
Ronda Rousey b. Alexa Bliss – Armbar
Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar went to a no contest when Brock Lesnar interfered

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