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GFW Messes Up Royally With Global Wrestling Network “Launch”

Yesterday, we reported that GFW had launched their Global Wrestling Network and gave all the pertinent details on the streaming service. Well, in normal Global Force/Anthem fashion, the company screwed the pooch with the “launch”.

Turns out, it wasn’t really a launch at all. GFW mistakenly made the site live as they were working on the infrastructure of the service. When the news started to spread that the service had launched and that people could watch everything contained on the site for free, they shut the whole thing down.

What happened yesterday was never meant to be a public launch of the site, but GFW failed to put it behind a wall where it couldn’t be accessed by the public. They are preparing to launch the service, though, and we will keep everyone updated on when the real, purposeful launch of GWN happens.

WWE RAW Social Media Scores

Ratings, viewership, and social media scores for both RAW and SmackDown Live were delayed this week due to Nielsen shutting down their operations center due to Hurricane Irma, but today, we are finally getting the numbers for Monday’s episode of WWE’s flagship show.

This week’s episode of RAW ranked #1 among series and specials for the night in Nielsen’s social media TV ratings. RAW had 185,000 interactions with 34,000 unique authors on Twitter, down from 239,000 interactions with 47,000 unique authors last week. RAW also had 155,000 Facebook interactions with 107,000 unique authors. This is down from last week where RAW had 190,000 interactions with 133,000 unique authors on Facebook.

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