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GFW & Pro Wrestling NOAH Talent Exchange

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) announced a talent exchange with Tokyo-based Pro Wrestling NOAH. GFW performers will visit Japan later this year to participate in Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Great Voyage 2017, Vol. 2. Taiji Ishimori is, so far, the only Pro Wrestling NOAH competitor confirmed to return to GFW’s Impact Wrestling.

In a statement released on Monday, GFW announced:

Global Force Wrestling (GFW), a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., announced today that it is expanding its talent exchange with Tokyo-based Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Taiji Ishimori, the three-time and reigning Global Honored Crown (GHC) Junior Heavyweight Champion from Pro Wrestling NOAH, returns to IMPACT Wrestling on Thursday, Aug. 17, to participate in Destination-X, live on Pop TV and broadcast to more than 120 countries worldwide.  Ishimori was a show-stealer in his GFW debut on July 2, at Slammiversary 15, originating from The Impact Zone on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida.

Ishimori was joined at Slammiversary by Naomichi Marufuji.

“All of us at GFW are excited to continue to grow our relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH,” said GFW Vice President of International Relations Scott D’Amore.  “Having Ishimori back competing in the six-sided GFW ring at Destination-X shows our commitment to showcasing the very best athletes from around the world.”

There is no confirmation yet on additional Pro Wrestling NOAH talent that will be in Orlando for Destination-X and the ensuing TV tapings for IMPACT Wrestling, D’Amore said.

GFW stars also will be heading to Japan later this year to participate in Great Voyage 2017, vol. 2 from Pro Wrestling NOAH on Sunday, Oct. 1.  GFW stars Moose and Eddie Edwards will be competing in Japan.  Edwards was in Japan earlier this year, along with “Cowboy” James Storm.

“GFW is excited and honored to be part of the Great Voyage from Pro Wrestling NOAH,” D’Amore said.  “Moose and Eddie Edwards are two amazing athletes who will be great representatives for GFW and IMPACT Wrestling.

“These talent collaborations are examples of how GFW and its international promotional partners continue to work together on an unprecedented level to provide a truly global audience with the very best action in the wrestling business.”

“DJ’s” Gifts for The Nation

Monday night, following tonight’s RAW, will see the return of the WWE Network’s Table for 3. Tonight’s show will feature a reunion of The Nation of Domination, specifically Ron Simmons, Mark Henry, and The Godfather. In a preview video, each Nation member received a surprise gift from “DJ.” It took a moment to think who “DJ” is – Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. The gifts were a throwback to an Attitude Era-segment where The Rock gave each Nation member a nice gift, except for Simmons (then-known as Farooq) who received an enlarged photo of The Rock.

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