"Hangman" goes over the journey to 'All In'.

"The Problem Solver Of Bullet Club" Adam "Hangman" Page has established himself for the reason that enforcer of the crowd. Two years up to now all the way through the month of May Page earned his black-and-white stripes by means of changing into a member of forces with 'Bullet Club' all the way through a Ring Of Honor 'War Of The Worlds' show. Now, "Hangman" is four months transparent of being eager about an match that his excellent buddies and stable-mates Cody and The Young Bucks put together as they have introduced out a 10,000 seat area in Chicago, IL.

Ahead of the actual 'All In' show and 'All In' weekend 'The Elite' hosted a press conference within the Pro Wrestling Tees store within the an identical the city that their introduced out match may well be held in. Following the click conference Fightful's correspondent Steven Muehlhausen had the risk to interview each and every Adam "Hangman" Page and Tessa Blanchard and all the way through his conversation with each and every stars he asked Page to percentage his initial concepts on the considered 'All In' and "Hangman" discussed that at first he thought Matt, Nick, and Cody had been out of their minds.

"When Matt, Nick, and Cody started kinda’ halfway talking about it, I assumed they’ve been merely psychopaths then again I’ve accomplished that 1000 events like, you guys aren’t vital; ‘Oh, you’re not kidding, adequate, shall we do it’. So yeah, I’m super serious about it now and I consider this may well be huge." He discussed.

'All In' was once as soon as all out of tickets in beneath thirty minutes and exceeded expectations. It is a straight away shot to the show going forward and Page minced no words in mentioning that he’s conscious about for a undeniable fact that the show may well be a just right fortune.

"I guess I’ve been around Nick, Matt, and Cody hearing them talk about it for the past year or whatever it’s been, and I know for a fact that it will be very good." Page expressed.

There are slightly a large number of talents who are this present day booked for 'All In' then again with four months on the clock until the true show, there could also be more room on the ability roster for added wrestlers. Adam Page was once as soon as asked to show his dream opponent for 'All In' and he initially decided on Tessa Blanchard who partook throughout the interview alongside him then again with a four month stretch to-go "Hangman" is protective his dream opponent to himself.

"I think if we are talking about people who are booked, I think I would pick to wrestle Tessa." Page jokingly discussed. "But I don’t know, maybe not. If we’re talking about the whole wrestling landscape, I don’t know if I wanna give you that answer."

Page's fellow 'Bullet Club' brother Marty Scurll was once as soon as moreover interviewed by means of Fightful. Click proper right here to be told up on what "The Villain" had to say about 'All In'.

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