Eric Bischoff on Kurt Angle's Secret

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Eric Bischoff Thinks He Knows Angle’s Secret

On the latest installment of his podcast, former WCW President and RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff said that he thinks he knows what Kurt Angle’s big secret is. Angle is scheduled to do a big reveal on Monday’s show, and if Bischoff is even close to being right, we are all going to need some anti-nausea medication.

Bischoff gave his take on the angle to his co-host Nick Hausman.

Bischoff: Uhh, alright…I’m sure I’m going to be burning a bridge with this one, cause I’m not supposed to know about this. And hopefully, nobody gets into any trouble over this because leaks happen, right? But you remember the storyline with AJ and Claire?

Hausman: Oh my god, yeah. How could you forget?

Bischoff: WWE is ripping that off. Dixie is Claire and Kurt is AJ.

Hausman: Wow. So you’re saying Dixie and Kurt have been having an affair? He’s been cheating on his wife?

Bischoff: I’m saying the storyline, that everyone is alluding to, is shockingly familiar to AJ and Claire.

If WWE is actually going to try to recycle and revamp an old TNA storyline, then we know Vince McMahon has actually lost it.

Broken Hardys Update

As we reported earlier this week, Jeff Jarrett said on a conference call that Anthem and Global Force Wresting still own the Broken Hardys intellectual property and that there has been no agreement reached for Matt Hardy to bring the gimmick to WWE. We also reported in the same story that Reby Hardy, Matt’s wife, completely contradicted that story.

It’s being reported now that both sides were close to an agreement within the past month where the Hardys would have paid $10,000 – $15,000 for the rights to the trademark. It noted that the non-disparagement clause that Reby mentioned was a $1,000 fine for the first offense and $5,000 for each following violation. The Hardys also agreed to signing off on a press release stating that both sides settled on good terms.

However, Anthem also wanted 50% of all the Hardy’s revenue, including the revenue from Jeff’s art and music. The Hardys said nope to that.

Apparently, GFW is still looking to use the gimmick to profit off DVDs and even a digital series on the Broken Hardys. Since the Hardys wouldn’t promote or endorse those ventures, it would be difficult for Anthem to pull them off.

GFW gave the following statement about the whole ordeal:

“WWE has clearly stated via email that they do not want the ‘Broken Brilliance’ IP [intellectual property]. GFW has been and always will be open to a licensing agreement for the IP to all parties, which is customary in the music and entertainment business, but revolutionary in the professional wrestling business.”

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