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In a recent interview with the Mirror, Drew Galloway talks about it departure from WWE and his return to their NXT brand.

Returning At TakeOver

It’s been a crazy couple of months. I was basically the busiest independent wrestler in the world, travelling the world back and forth. I was under contract at the time [with IMPACT Wrestling] and I elected not to sign my new contract. I had to make the best decision for my future and my family’s future. I was very, very lucky after so many people believing in me and working my arse off that I was able to take a pick of where I was going to go. But my mind was made up, if I got the opportunity… William Regal is one of my mentors and I had been talking with him the whole time I have been away from WWE. He has been giving me advice, watching my matches, so that’s pretty much where it came up. I had a good conversation with Triple H on the phone and as I say, my mind was made up where I wanted to go. NXT is the top roster in the world as far as I’m concerned, the work ethic and fans. Once I had that conversation my mind was beyond made up.

That day when I showed up at the show was one of the wildest days of my life. I had a very busy day! I started at 8am, I had a signing, then a show in the afternoon, then a radio appearance, I had an additional signing, then showed up at the Evolve show at 8pm it started, I was out in the first segment, I believe I left the building at 8.20pm, drove straight to the Amway Center in Orlando, my wife was waiting with a suit at the back door. We ran in the back, I put the suit on, this was about 9pm, Orlando traffic so it took a while to get there, and I was sitting in my seat in front of 15,000 fans, and at not one point did I think to myself ‘I wonder how they’re going to react?’ until I sat in that seat, got my head down and thought ‘oh my God, I hope they remember me and have been following what I’ve been doing!’ When I showed up on camera and I saw and heard that reaction it was one of the best feelings in my life and I knew I had made the right decision.

Honoring His Remaining Indie Dates

Yeah that was a given for me and it was a given for Triple H. He’s someone who respects the business so much and doing business right, just like myself. I obviously mentioned it and he wasn’t bothered at all, he actually encouraged it, so I finished off my dates and dropped the titles I needed to drop. It was pretty cool having these moments with each of the companies. We had worked so hard together, with ICW, What Culture and Evolve, over the last few years to build us to where we were at, and to be able to say goodbye, even if I was a bad guy, it was cool to have those moments and say goodbye – for now. They are companies that are just going to keep growing, with guys that are getting so many opportunities, on the WWE UK show on the Network and on NXT itself, so it’s not ‘goodbye’ like it was when I first went to America, it’s ‘I’ll see you’. There are so many talented guys who are going to get an opportunity to be in NXT and some of them to be on this tour.

Still Planning To Be A Top Guy In WWE

I always have, 100%, I’ve never changed my opinion since I said that. He didn’t say the things he said for his health, he has done a lot with this business because of his eye for it. I wasn’t necessarily the guy he was looking for back then in a few different ways, but he certainly saw that raw talent and potential. I’ve been lucky that I’ve got myself through various opportunities and platforms and people believing in me, my wife helping in a lot of different areas, and growing up a lot, I’ve shown I am ready now to be a top guy, to hold that position for the company and show what it is to represent a giant, publicly traded company like WWE. There is so much more than just what you do in the ring and what you do on the microphone. As a kid I didn’t quite comprehend that, but now that’s something 100% I’m ready for. I’ve represented many people as the face of the company, proudly and I do it with joy and I do it with respect and make sure I elevate everywhere I go. I came to NXT to elevate it and I came back to WWE to fulfil the prophecy.

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