Damien Sandow

TNA has released a trailer for Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling stating that  “one of wrestling’s hottest free agents” will debut on the show.And it’s being rumored that it would be Damien Sandow.

PWInsider notes that Sandow has been negotiating with TNA from over the past few weeks and there are some sort of viral campaign plans which are being planned by TNA  to build up his debut.

Sandow was released by WWE in the month of March , Sandow has been a great Fan favourite wrestler for WWE during his last run in the company,his alliance with Miz portraying himself as Mizdow turned the tables for Sandow as an overall wrestler and it showed us how charismatic he is.This would be a great opportunity for Sandow as he would be getting the spotlight which he deserves for the amount of potential he holds in his arsenal.

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