CM Punk( Real Name – Phil Brooks) who has quit WWE in 2014 because he was not impressed with the WWE Backoffice Team. Since then CM Punk has been training for Mixed Martial Arts and announced to make debut in UFC.  Punk who has large no of fan following because of his time in Pro Wrestling and his straight edge style however many fans started hating him when he said “Pro Wrestling is Fake” in an interview .

CM Punk currently holds record of (0-0) in MMA and many of still of us wonder when will CM Punk actually going to make Debut?. Chris Leben who is a Retired UFC fighter. He is desperate and wants to come out from Retirement just to knock out CM Punk. 

Chris Leben brawls is known for entertaining style fights. And he’s good enough to be a legit challenge but not so good that CM Punk would have absolutely no chance.


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