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Chris Jericho was a recent guest on SiriusXM’s Busted Open discussing a host of things about his most recent run with WWE and the hectic lifestyle of balancing wrestling with being a rock star. The Fozzy frontman was particularly candid when discussing his partnership and eventual feud with Kevin Owens. Jericho revealed that the original plan at WrestleMania 33 was for the two to battle for the Universal Championship:

Vince called me in and he had a big idea – I can probably say this now: The original idea – cause things change all the time – was for me and Kevin Owens to work at WrestleMania, for me to win the title and then to lose it to Brock in Sacramento at the next pay per view, which was April 30th.

The former Undisputed Champion went on to state that he extended his original deal in order to see the plan through. However by the time the company had come to terms on a deal to see Goldberg return and hold RAW’s world title, Jericho was already locked into a months extension and so the United States Championship feud idea with Kevin Owens was established later.

Summing up the company’s everchanging creative process, Jericho also revealed that he was not originally intended to trade to SmackDown Live in the superstar shake-up. The trade eventually caused him to finish up his WWE run on a Tuesday before going straight into rehearsals with Fozzy the following day in preparation for a world tour. Far from allowing this to be a problem, the 46 year old seemingly still welcomes the frantic nature of the business with open arms:

I don’t have a retirement plan – you take advantage of the moments as they’re presented to you. And Chris Jericho in 2016, the “stupid idiot” Jericho, whatever you want to say, The List Jericho, became a big hit. So I want to make sure the story gets its proper finish, which it did.

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