Recently Fox News has conducted an interview with WWE Superstar Chris Jericho . Chris Jericho who is former WWE Triple Crown Champion, Currently hosting Series of WWE Tough Enough.

Fox has asked Chris Jericho about his view on WWE Decision’s on firing the legendary Hulk Hogan.
Jericho replied: It’s not my company. It’s not my decision, but I think when Miz joined the show as a judge, I think it gave a whole different vibe to the show that really improved it.

Also Fox News Spoke Jericho about the recent death of WWE Hall of Famer Rody Rowdy Piper.

Jericho : There was a certain generation of those guys it was more of a rock star mentality. The road schedule was a lot harder back in those days and those guys lived a lot harder as well so thankfully I think that’s been remedied with guys in this generation, now it’s not the same vibe, it’s a lot more clean living. There’s more Chipotle around than there’s pills at this point in time and that’s a good thing. Kind of that maverick, gypsy lifestyle is gone. You know this is a multi-billion corporation that’s publicly traded and it’s become part of the pop culture fabric around the world, so we have a lot of responsibilities and take it very seriously being a WWE Superstar, and take it very seriously all the influence we have over the fans over the entire world.

You can read full article by Clicking here.

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