No matter how hard (or not hard) they may try, Raw fails to produce a good show throughout the entire three hours. This past Raw was no different. 

The beginning half of the show was solid. You had a six man tag match featuring Dean Ambrose and The Hardy Boys taking on The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro. A little bit later on and you had the triple-threat match between Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, and Finn Balor. Both were great, fun matches. 

Then comes Alexa Bliss and her “This Is Your Life” skit on Bayley. While WWE thought they were doing something good here, it was quite the opposite. Let me be blunt, it was horrible. Possibly the worst segment I have seen of 2017.

Every episode of Raw has something that just brings the crowd out of it. It may be skits like these or just boring matches that kill the crowd so bad that the main event match cannot revive them. Maybe some of the hate is just unfair, but a lot of it happens for a reason. So what in the world can Raw do to bring the fans back in?

One thing WWE could do is a shocking turn. Remember in 2014 when Seth Rollins betrayed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns or NXT Takeover Chicago when Tomasso Ciampa turned on Johnny Gargano? 

These were turns that left the crowd stunned with their mouths dragging the floor. Is there any turn today on Raw that could drop jaws like that? 

Rumors are circulating that Cass is set to turn on Enzo, but that won’t get people talking nonstop. However, there is one tag team in the division that would send noise through the crowd if they broke up violently. That team would be The Hardy Boys.

Now I understand they just returned to the WWE, but think about how shocking it would be based off of that one reason? 

Let’s say that at Extreme Rules, Sheamus and Cesaro defeat The Hardy Boys to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions. While this infuriates both brothers, Jeff takes it worse. This leads to him attacking Matt (bet you didn’t see that coming) and laying him in a pool of his own blood (metaphorically speaking). 

It would take the air out of the arena simply because no one would be expecting it. Fans would expect Matt to turn on Jeff before Jeff turns on Matt. It would keep the fans wondering what is going to happen next which means more eyes will be tuning in to Monday Night Raw.

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