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“Broken” Matt Hardy And Brother Nero to sign with WWE?


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These are the words that have echoed in uncountable wrestling arenas from the time Matt Hardy or Broken Matt made them famous. Now that Matt Hardy is in best part of his career as a second run in the world of pro wrestling, WWE must be looking to sign Broken Matt. As per the rumors going around, WWE is very much interested in signing Matt & Jeff Hardy both back to the company. Broken Matt and Brother Nero’s contract expires next month with TNA.

On Monday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer weighed in on the possibility of Jeff and Matt Hardy returning to WWE, and what it’ll take to bring them back.

“For Matt, I don’t see him going to WWE. The odds are better now than they were a couple months ago, because he wouldn’t have gotten pushed [in WWE] as the old Matt Hardy. He would’ve just been there to job and he could make more money and keep his rep better and work his own schedule [in TNA]. Now you could make the argument that, with this gimmick, he could merchandise this gimmick and make a killing in WWE. The thing is, with TNA, he’s gonna have creative control of his thing, which he would not have in WWE.”

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“And Jeff, I don’t know. Jeff may wanna stay with Matt and just do this gimmick as well. Jeff has no need to go [back to WWE]. They’re both making really good money, they both saved a lot of money. Jeff’s body is really beat up, and it’s a really hard schedule. I know there’s probably a thing in Jeff’s mind about going back there for one last run, and that last bit of exposure. It could happen. Jeff going back there with his body as beat up as it is… he’ll be a star there because he has a lot of charisma, more than most of the guys that are there. But I don’t see them putting him in the championship picture.”

What do you think will Jeff and Matt both will make their return to WWE or not, tell us in the comment section.

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