In the Interview, WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart Says that Kevin Owens is his Favorite heel in the Industry right now and that some people say that he is Fat or too big but I (Bret Hart) think that the things he is doing are like of a 100 lbs guy and he is huge, no wrestler in the history has done what he is doing.

Bret also said that he have only respect for CM Punk and what he did by Leaving WWE, He did the right thing to Do, He stood for the Indies And he Took A bullet for the Whole Industry.

On Being asked about Hulk Hogan, Bret Said the he is not a big Hulk Hogan Fan, and That its good that he got busted for what he did. I Didn’t actually remember him for being A racist but there was racism in the industry quiet much And that Hogan is probably Glad Roddy Piper Died Because It took The Edge off of him.

HE also said that Tysan Kid Is also One of the Best Wrestler in the World and also one of the Most Underrated Wrestler in the world, He’s the kinda wrestler you won’t miss him Until he’s gone.

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