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Dolph Ziggler On Repackaging His Character

During an appearance on Fox Business’ Kennedy Nation, Dolph Ziggler was asked about WWE repackaging his character. Dolph was coy with his answer to the question…which was really a non-answer.

“I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing but it’s very special and it’s gonna be a helluva time, I think.”

Big Show Undergoing Hip Surgery

WWE announced today that due to the match he had on last week’s RAW with Braun Strowman where Strowman threw him through one of the wall panels of the cage, he suffered injuries that will require hip surgery.

In reality, the angle and match were done because Show needed hip surgery. As it stands now, Show will go under the knife on September 29th.

Bray Wyatt On His Gimmick

In a recent interview, Bray Wyatt was asked about where he came up with the cult leader gimmick he uses in WWE.

“There is this show about a cult with the Monopoly masks. I’ve been studying it. Then there is Robert De Niro, ‘Red State.’ There are so many things I’ve taken from over the years. All over the place. You find inspiration everywhere. The best inspiration is the people you grew up with. Nobody else knows about you than when you were just regular, everyday people. That’s where most of it comes from.”

He also talked about how The Undertaker has influenced him.

“There are times where fans don’t understand that change is inevitable or that changes are done too fast. They say, ‘We like the way you used to be.’ Or they say, ‘We liked what you did then.’ You can’t stay the same. As you mature as an adult, you find out you have to keep changing in this business. It’s something The Undertaker laid on me.”

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