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What’s Next For Rey Mysterio?

It’s been reported for a while now that Rey Mysterio has been in talks with both WWE and GFW about working for their respective promotions. But now, it’s being reported that Rey is bound for neither company.

The talks with GFW fell through, as did the ones with WWE. GFW wanted Rey to work with Alberto El Patron at Bound For Glory, but with so many things up in the air with the promotion, the talks of bringing Rey in went nowhere.

As for WWE, the word is that Vince McMahon did not want to work with Rey’s representation, mainly Konnan. So while there was some back and forth between the two parties, nothing seems to have been serious on either side.

Rey seems to be focused now on training his son Dominick for his in-ring future, as well as being heavily involved in Crash in Mexico. Plus, he recently suffered an ankle injury at a Catch Wrestling show in Austria, so he may be out of action in any promotion for the next little while.

Big Cass On Enzo’s “Heat”

During a recent appearance on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Big Cass discussed Enzo Amore’s supposed “backstage heat” and how WWE was weaving that into current story lines.

“Enzo is Enzo. Like, the guy you see on TV is the guy you see in real life. Enzo is Enzo and, I’ve said this before, Enzo wouldn’t be in the spot he’s in, he would’ve never made it this far if he didn’t act the way he does, so there’s good with bad. A guy like that, that’s how he got that far, it’s just being Enzo.

I’d kind of just say it’s a ‘go out and take it’ mentality. That’s Enzo. That’s how he got this far and the odds were stacked against that guy many times. He got this far because that’s who he is.

The storyline has kind of taken on its own thing. Like once it started being talked about and people started talking about it on the internet, then they were like, ‘oh, people talk about it? Okay, if it’s not real, let’s pretend it is and let’s put it even more out there on TV.”

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