The best Pro-Wrestling schools have two things that that certainly make them best. First, An impressive track record, Second, A trainer that who has an ample experience of this sport. This experience and reutation ultimately help you to get down and achieve your spotlight amongst millions of aspiring trainees. There are very high chances that the school you just found lacks either of these yardsticks. So, these are the best pro wrestling Schools that claim to have produced beasts.

Ohio-Valley Wrestling – The school being a former official territory of WWE not so long ago is actually the official T&D facility of TNA nowadays. Located in Louisville, Kentucky and run by Danny Davis, this school has trained and produced seriously popular wrestlers like John Cena and Batista who rule the flags of WWE these days.

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School – The school belongs to the home of wrestling Florida and is run Dory Funk Jr. who is also known as NWA World Champion. This school has shaped the highest number of WWE wrestling stars like Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, Lita, Jeff Hardy, Edge. There is no other school that has trained a number of wrestlers equivalent to this school.


Can-Am Wresting School – Sited near the Canadian/USA border in Windsor, Canada, this school is run by Scott D’Amore, the manger of Canadian team in TNA. The TNA Champion Rhino and Petey Willams have garaduated form this school.The claims made bt this school are concrete as its trainees.

Ring of Honor Wrestling School – A recent startup in Pennsylvania which operates under the guidance of Delirious. The school is actually a part of a big promotion agency that promotes and produces pro-wrestling stars. The agency has a big hand in helping the trainees to directly reach fame spot in WWE and TNA.


The Wild Samoan Training Center – After having produced the a few TNA and WWE wrestlers like Batista, Traci Brooks, ODB and Velvet Sky, This school has made its own reputation in these few years. This is another school that belongs to Florida.

NXT – This school is the official training territory of WWE and hence, it automatically enjoys the benefits of great respect among newbies and professionals.

Killer Kowaliski’s Pro Wrestling School – Just lie its long name, this school has a long list of popular graduates like Triple-H and Perry Saturn. The school locates itself in North Andover, Ma.

Jhonny Rodz School of Wrestling – Just like its name suggests, the school as more to do with Johnny  Rodz, the WWE Hall of Famer. In fact, it is run by him. Aprt from being a great wrestling star , Jhonny has a devoted himself in training the best wrestling prodigies. The school is located in Brooklyn, New York. Just to name a few, the wrestling stars produced by this school Tazz, the Dudley brothers, Bili DeMott.

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