As 2018 comes to an in depth, it’s hard to argue that any one else on the other hand Becky Lynch had the simpler 12 months. Since Summerslam, The Lass Kicker has been red-hot and everything that happens has complex her serve as with the company. She may have out of place the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WWE TLC, on the other hand she’s coming into 2019 with a ton of momentum.

Her unique approach that may be spotted as a babyface or heel run depending to your view, has drawn quite a lot of comparisons to Stone Cold Steve Austin and other great anti-heroes in WWE history. It’s turn into a cliche to test an anti-hero to The Texas Rattlesnake, on the other hand she in recent times addresses those comparisons right through an interview with Gorilla Position.

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Becky Lynch mentioned the following regarding the WWE Universe comparing her to Austin:

“It’s quite an honor to be compared to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, he’s one of the greatest Superstar we’ve ever had. It’s unbelievable, unbelievable. So I take that with a lot of pride and it’s kind of humbling.”

It’s a not unusual approach to a not unusual question given that WWE Universe used it as a huge reward for her. It’s no longer identical to the enthusiasts comparing Ryback to Goldberg, which is meant to be an insult. For Lynch, the general public make the comparison to expose how “cool” her run has been over the previous couple of months, on the other hand that may create problems in spite of everything.

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The Lass Kicker is on an unbelievable run. She’s expected to have a huge WrestleMania 35 in a few months, on the other hand the comparisons to Stone Cold easiest heighten the expectation that a lot of enthusiasts have for her run. WWE will have to be wary not to energy the remaining relating to a storyline of Lynch defying authority and doing necessarily probably the most cliche angles as an anti-hero.

Do you identical to the comparisons between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Becky Lynch?

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