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Stephanie McMahon’s Book Release On Hold

We’ve all known for a while now that Stephanie McMahon has been working on her memoirs. The book was supposed to be released in 2017, but then Amazon had the release date at 2020. Now, it looks like the book has been put on indefinite hold.

No word on what caused the book to be shelved other than Stephanie’s response on Twitter.

Baron Corbin Update

For weeks now, rumors have bee swirling that Baron Corbin has some major heat backstage in WWE. He lost his MITB cash in in embarrassing fashion and followed that up with a clean loss to John Cena at SummerSlam.

Now it’s being reported that whatever heat he may have came from a backstage meeting with Dr. Joseph Maroon during a wrestlers’ meeting in August. Corbin (who is a former football player) took exception to Maroon downplaying the link between concussions and CTE, and he got into a heated argument in front of everyone with Maroon. It was said by many to be an awkward and uncomfortable situation that would have been better handled privately.

Another thing that makes this whole situation awkward is that WWE only recently found out that Corbin is involved in a players’ lawsuit with the NFL over the concussion issue.

According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s WON:

“It also came out in the discussion that Corbin was one of the players suing the NFL in a concussion lawsuit, which makes things weird given he’s now working as a pro wrestler. Plus WWE apparently wasn’t aware of this fact until this past month.”

With Corbin now being position for a program for the US Title with AJ Styles, maybe the situation won’t cause any long-term issues with him going forward.

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